10 Best Goats In Gaming History

The G.O.A.T. title has been given to these goats.

People often use the term “GOAT” to refer to the best person ever, but you probably wouldn’t think to use it for real goats in gaming. Goats are popular in real life, with things like goat yoga, and they also show up in video games in a lot of creative ways.

In video games, there have been a lot of memorable and unique goats that bleat to their own drum. These are some of the best things you can find in games, whether they are playable characters, parts of the environment, or even enemies.

Princess – The Witcher 3

In the main story of The Witcher 3, Geralt can’t spend all of his time hunting and killing monsters. On some quests, he has to help NPCs with simple tasks like finding a lost goat. Princess is the name of this goat, which belongs to a Pellar that Geralt needs to find for a very important ritual.

Finding Princess is more of a highlight than you might think. You use your Witcher senses to find her, protect her from danger, and ring a bell to get her to come to you. Princess looks like a normal farm goat, but her milk is an important part of the spell that the Pellar casts to find out more about the Baron’s family.

Goats Of Warding – Resident Evil Village

As important to the Resident Evil series as the zombie action and survival horror tension are the collectibles that can be broken. In the remake of the second game, you could find Mr. Raccoon toys around the map, and in the third game, you could find Charlie Dolls. With the Goats of Warding, Resident Evil Village went in a more scary direction.

The Goats of Warding are wooden statues of goats that pop up around the map for you to shoot. Their heads move up and down in a creepy way because of an invisible spell. The way they are made makes it look like they were made by hand. And they add a lot to the supernatural mystery of the village.

Devil Goat – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

The Blood Dragon DLC expansion for Far Cry 3 changes the whole island into a retro cyberpunk world full of cyborg soldiers and mutated enemies. It kept the same animals from the original game. But changed their looks a lot to make them look more futuristic.

Now, the island is full of dangerous Cybersharks with glowing eyes and metal skin, as well as huge Blood Dragons with laser beams. Changes were also made to the goats so that they looked more grotesque, with chunks of bone and flesh sticking out all over their bodies, especially along the face. Their name, “Devil Goat,” is a good one, since they change into something very scary.

Yule Goat – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In the Assassin’s Creed games, you can also find goats wandering around the map. And you can hunt them to get crafting materials. The Valhalla entry, on the other hand, brought in a special kind of goat that was part of ancient Scandinavian pagan winter traditions. It’s a hand-made figure called a “Yule goat,” which is still part of the winter solstice celebration in Nordic countries today.

Straw is used to make Yule goats, and red ribbons are often used to tie them together. They also come in different shapes and sizes, from huge statues to simple Christmas decorations. You can buy a Yule goat in Valhalla through a side quest called “Warmth of Winter” in Jorvik Village. This side quest has a sad turn.

Satyr Captain – God Of War: Ascension

Before Kratos moved to the Norse realms and had to deal with everything they could throw at him. He had unfinished business with the Greek Pantheon. In the different parts of God of War, Kratos has to deal with a lot of Greek mythology-based enemies, including goat-like ones like the Satyrs.

Satyrs are people with goat legs, hooves, and horns. They should not be confused with centaurs. God of War sees them as full-body goats that stand and move like people. The most powerful of them is the Satyr Captain. Who first appeared in 2013’s Ascension and is in charge of the other satyrs. He has a scowling face, four sets of horns, two on each cheek, and big armor on.

Destructive Goats – Goat Simulator Series

So far, goats have been in games as inanimate objects, enemies, and parts of the environment. In the Goat Simulator series, the goats are crazy and you can play them to cause as much chaos and damage as possible. Even though the physics seem very silly, that’s part of the fun.

Here, your goat can get run over, fly into the sky, and pull people around like ragdolls, which is funny. There have been two main games and a lot of add-ons, like astronaut goats that try to take over space and zombie goats that want to infect everyone. There are so many ways to be creative that the MMO DLC even has a Yule goat.

Combat Goats – Goat Of Duty

Just when you thought goats in games couldn’t get any sillier, along come goats with blasters ready to fight in a PvP deathmatch. Goat of Duty is a funny parody of Call of Duty. It is an early-access first-person shooter game where up to ten players can play different deathmatch modes from the point of view of a goat.

Some of these goats’ “goatstumes” are references to other games and movies, like Fallgoat, who wears a gas mask and an outfit that looks like the Vault jumpsuit from the Fallout series. The weapons are also different, and a robotic arm is used to attach them to the goat.

Baa’l – World Of Warcraft

Pets are a fun part of World of Warcraft because you can have them as friends and some of them can fight with you. As the name and glowing red eyes imply, Baa’l is a demonic type of goat. That you can use as a battle pet. However, it is a very cute one.

Baa’l will be in Frostfire Ridge after you finish a quest that requires you to collect a certain number of pebbles in a certain order. This gray goat is smaller than most you’ll see. It has four small horns on its head, a gold hoop earring in one ear. And the same ritualistic markings all over its body.

Minecraft’s Goats

Goats are a type of animal mob found in Minecraft‘s mountain biomes. They were added in the 1.17 update in 2021, and you’ll fall in love with them right away. There are so many fun things about these goats, and they can be anything from calm and quiet to loud and violent. There will also be a cute baby goat among the herd.

Everything in Slope Game is made of blocks, but you can still tell what it is, especially the goats, which have a lot of small details. Their blocky, pixelated look is well-known, and you can even see the outline of their beard along the chin. And like Goat of Duty and Goat Simulator, these can also jump up pretty high.

Gowngoats – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter: Rise: Sunbreak, gowngoats are some of the most beautiful and powerful animals you’ll see on the plains. Unlike most of the other creatures you’ll meet, they’re harmless herbivores that like to graze and curl up into balls. They won’t ever try to hurt you.

Gowngoats are long, hairy creatures that look like a group of three or four regular goats put together. Their skin has patches of scales, and their long, bushy tails look like those of peacocks. The horns are strange and almost hard to see, but the ears that hang down are the cutest thing about them.

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