10 Best IELTS Listening Task Tips

Best IELTS Listening Task Tips

IELTS Listening Task

You all were aware about IELTS that what is IELTS and how it works. Also, you have idea about the sections of IELTS and parts of IELTS. Here I will discuss about IELTS listening section. I am going to mention 10 best IELTS listening task tips for better preparation. For more query, you can consult to overseas education consultants.

IELTS Listening Tips to Get Better Score

Listen to English Daily

The only one way to enhance your listening skills is to listen to English each day. It doesn’t matter if it’s here and there is only 10 or 15 minutes, when you’re traveling on the bus, eating lunch or making tea, just listen to something.

You need to listen to the fact that English is used naturally in a variety of contexts and is spoken with a range of accents. In your exam you can hear speakers from the UK (including various regional accents), Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or South Africa.

Listen to a variety of stuff

The test involves two monologues (one person speaking) and two conversations, so you should practice listening to both. You will find all the practical material you need on the internet. TED podcasts and talks are ideal for listening to monologues and broadcasting radio and interviews on YouTube.

Develop your Terms

My third IELTS listening tips may seem obvious, but many students don’t know the most effective way to improve their vocabulary. Just memorizing a list of new words gets very little. You don’t fully understand the words – what they mean and how they are used in context – and you quickly forget them.

When you listen to spoken English, actively listen, that is, note words that you hear that are unfamiliar or do not fully understand. Then check them in the dictionary. Note the meaning, pronunciation, how the word is used in particular, common synonyms, antonyms and conjunctions. Record all this information in your dictionary.

Have a Approach

To get a high score on a listening test, you need to understand 10 types of questions and have a strategy to answer them.

Recognize your Limitation

All over the website you will hear me say, “Understanding, Implement, Apply”. Certainly, this is true, but act sensibly. Just completing the test after the test will not necessarily improve your score. Take the time to analyze your results and determine what mistakes you make regularly. Then work from the foundation of the list reduces problem that isn’t worth the struggle.

The Beginning

My next two tips for listening to the IELTS test itself are, first of all, the introduction.

Before the first speaker begins to speak, there will be an introduction by the narrator, in which you are told what the recording is about, e.g.

You will hear part of a workshop entitled “Understanding the World’s Oceans” given by a climate scientist.

The speaker then starts the talk or conversation with his presentation and often the topic or purpose of the conversation, e.g.

These introductions provide important information that will help you to understand the recording, so listen carefully from the beginning.

Suggestion Idiom

Listen to the sign language when the speaker is speaking. We use symbols to connect ideas and show the audience that we are moving on to a new idea. Sign language includes words such as:

First, second, then, next, after that, finally

Capital Writing

My next section of recommendation for listening to IELTS is about grammar. Keep in mind to use capital letters for proper names. If you forget, your answer will be marked incorrectly.

Understand the Commands

Read the instructions carefully and pay special attention to how many words you are allowed to write in response. For example,


If you write more than three words, even if your information is correct, your answer will be marked incorrectly.

Other questions may tell you to write MORE than TWO words or just one word, so be careful. Don’t miss out on signs of such stupid mistakes.

Are you Prepared?

Do not order your test until you are ready to submit it. I get a lot of emails from students asking about tips and tricks of listening to IELTS at the last minute because their exams are a few weeks away and they know their English is not enough for their desired scores.

The IELTS test is designed to test whether your English language meets the standards required for the career or life changes that you plan to take. No language tips and tricks can help you in real life, so don’t expect them to be on the test either.

As long as you take the necessary time and effort to get the necessary points and you will finally fulfill your dream. Take the exam very quickly and you will only feel frustrated, losing confidence and wasting money.

IELTS Coaching for Preparation

If you want to prepare for IELTS listening, then I will suggest you to join IELTS coaching in Lucknow. Lucknow is the best place to prepare for IELTS and it is also cost-friendly.

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