10 Video Game Characters That Could Beat Malenia In Elden Ring

Malenia from Elden Ring would be no match for these game characters.

Malenia the Blade of Miquella is the only name in Elden Ring that makes people feel as scared as it does. This red-haired swordswoman is often called the hardest boss in the game, and just the thought of fighting her is enough to make even the toughest gamers shiver. Yes, Malenia is a very scary opponent, but only in Elden Ring, where she lives.

Even though Elden Ring is home to many different and powerful beings, this universe’s power scale is very different from other gaming universes. In one game, a boss from Elden Ring might look like an unbeatable foe. In another, they might look like nothing more than an angry kitten. Here are some other game characters who do that to Malenia.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Malenia’s speed is one of the things she does best. During her first phase, she overwhelms her enemies with a barrage of blade flourishes while deftly dodging any attacks you throw at her. Even in her second phase, it’s very hard to avoid her attacks, especially if you want to avoid the pools of Scarlet Rot she leaves behind. But there is one being that Malenia’s speed wouldn’t affect at all.

Sonic the Hedgehog is all about being fast. Malenia’s life would seem to move slowly to him. He could easily stay away from her and attack the Blade of Miquella at the same time. Even without taking into account his Super Sonic form, in which he can move faster than light, this is true.


Even though Sans is weak, this may seem like an odd choice, but the funny skeleton and Malenia from Elden Ring have a lot in common. Both rely on quick, almost impossible-to-avoid attacks to overwhelm their opponents, while also moving quickly to avoid attacks. But Sans has an edge in this fight because of how many things he can do.

Malenia relies on her sword, but Sans has a whole set of skills that help him fight. With his Gaster Blasters and the different bones he can call up from anywhere, Sans has a wide range of attacks that would be more than enough to beat Malenia. He always has his “Special Attack” ready in case that isn’t enough.

Shovel Knight

You wouldn’t think that a shovel would be a good weapon against hordes of monsters and knights. But Shovel Knight has shown that this isn’t true. Shovel Knight has faced many more enemies than Malenia on his quest to save Shield Knight. These enemies have a lot more different ways to attack than Malenia. During his travels, he has gotten better at using the shovel and picked up a lot of things that would make him a strong opponent for Malenia.

He can stop Malenia’s attacks by using the War Horn. With his Chaos Sphere, he could do a lot of damage from far away. He can even avoid all of her attacks with the Phase Locket. With all of his skills and his shovel, Malenia wouldn’t be able to do anything.


There aren’t many things that can beat the One Winged Angel. Cloud Strife is one of them, and, funny enough, so is Sora. Malenia, on the other hand, is not even close to being on the same level as Final Fantasy’s most famous character.

Both warriors are very good with swords, so a fight between them would be close. But Sephiroth is much more than just a swordsman. Sephiroth can use magic that can destroy the world, control the elements, and even change into a god. Which can make his enemies weaker and make them die in a certain amount of time. If these two fought, there would be no contest.


People say that the most dangerous enemy is the one you don’t expect. Well, nothing could be more innocent than a teenager holding a big key. Sora has shown over and over again why the keyblade is one of the most feared weapons in his world and why he is one of the strongest people who can use a keyblade.

Sora has fought many opponents who are either as strong as Malenia or just as strong. He can move quickly enough to avoid laser fire, is strong enough to cut through whole buildings. And can use a wide range of magic, including spells that heal. This doesn’t even count the many powers and shapes he gets from his keyblade.


Even though Kirby looks like a cute pink puffball, he is by far one of the strongest things in the world. He can inhale and copy the powers of things and creatures much bigger and heavier than himself. He has fought a lot of enemies, some of whom had godlike powers, and he has always won.

Kirby has fought against a lot of skilled swordsmen in his life, and some of them could be a good match for Malenia. Even though it’s not clear if Kirby is immune or resistant to poisons. He has shown that he can heal very well, so Malenia’s Scarlet Rot wouldn’t do much. In other words, it’s only a matter of time before Malenia is nothing more than a hat for Kirby to wear.


In the world of Pokemon, there aren’t many Pokemon that can fight as well as a Lucario. Fighting types, like Lucario, are born knowing how to fight with their hands. They also have more strength, speed, and stamina. This would be enough for a Lucario to beat someone like Malenia on its own. But this species has a secret weapon. Aura.

Lucario can do a lot of different things with aura. They can make weapons and shields, make explosive orbs, and even heal themselves. They don’t need their eyes to see, and they can tell what other people are thinking. This lets them predict and avoid attacks from their opponents. Malenia wouldn’t even be able to touch a Lucario with these skills. And her Scarlet Rot wouldn’t do anything since she’s a Steel type.

Doom Slayer

No one can argue with the fact that Malenia is a fierce warrior. No one in The Lands Between can match her skill with a blade, but she does have some flaws. She uses her sword a lot, so she needs to be close to be effective. Even though her speed makes up for some of this weakness, opponents who fight from a distance do better than her. Opponents like Doom Slayer.

It would take too long to list all of the weapons that the Doom Slayer has. Just know that the demons in hell are afraid of this man for a good reason. The variety and power of Doom Slayer’s weapons are more than enough to keep Malenia at bay and strong enough to make her just another victim in Doom Slayer’s long history of violence.


As we’ve already said, Malenia’s main weakness is fighting at a distance. And as we’ve seen in 8 Ball Pool, Ness is one of the most well-known characters for fighting at a distance. He can stun and hurt enemies with PK Fire, trap them with PK Freeze, absorb projectiles and attacks that use energy with Magnet, and hit them from a distance with PK Thunder. These skills would be enough on their own, but they aren’t all that Ness can do in Smash Bros.

Ness has all of these abilities and more in the Earthbound universe. He can also teleport, heal himself, make barriers, and use an ability that can kill a target. Malenia couldn’t even come close to Ness if she had all of these skills.

Minecraft Steve

The fact that a single sword swing from this big man isn’t enough to kill a zombie shows more about the zombie’s strength than anything else. The fact that Steve can move around easily while wearing a suit made of pure diamond makes him a very strong person.

Steve isn’t as fast as Malenia, but he’s strong enough to take on the Blade of Miquella. Steve can easily block Malenia’s strongest attacks because he knows how to make and enchant different kinds of gear, like shields that can stand up to dragon fire. Not only that, but since milk stops the effect of “Wither,” it’s likely that it would also stop the effect of “Scarlet Rot.”

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