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In a man’s wardrobe, there aren’t many pieces that can resist the evolving fashions. And I am happy to see many jackets make the list of classics. Although the word jacket may appear simple, it refers to a wide range of various styles and designs. So, picking the right custom jackets for each event and occasion might be challenging, especially if you are unaware of the many different styles.

We try to stay on top of trends all year long. So, trust me when I say that a comprehensive list like this can make it easier for you to build a wardrobe and a personality that never fails to impress. This is why I am here to ensure that your outerwear is perfect every time you leave the house. So, here are some of the best-personalized jacket styles everyone must have in their wardrobe.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are genuinely an incredible addition to the fashion world. They are currently the trendiest winter outfit. Moreover, there are several custom leather jackets available for everyone. Due to their aesthetic appeal, even high-end fashion brands like Tom Ford and Prada offer them. With these personalized jackets on, you will look great and remain warm.

The only challenge here is to differentiate between the qualities of the material. A piece of leather should feel smooth but slightly oily, and the grain should be naturally uneven. If the material feels like plastic, it is most likely leather that has been chemically created and polished.

Shearling Jacket

This jacket is extremely popular among males despite being bulky around the neck. It gives a unique appearance that is both stylish and weatherproof. Even the US Navy and Marines adopted shearling jackets because of their usefulness. Even though shearling is quite soft and cozy, it never feels overly heavy. It’s one of those looks that give you adequate weather protection while letting you enjoy your outing without feeling bulky. Shearling jackets are also seamless, and the reversible ones have flat stitching for a clean look. Overall, they are great if you want to steal the show.

Biker Jackets

There is no better jacket design than a biker jacket for those feeling a little rebellious. Whether you ride a bike or not, this well-fitted, grunge-style leather jacket with zippers and spikes will make you appear tough. It gives a masculine appeal to your overall look. Moreover, it looks great paired with jeans and a T-shirt underneath. However, look into the world of tough boots and shoes for this one because it’s not the kind of jacket you wear with sneakers or loafers.

Fleece Jacket

Do you prefer wearing sweaters? The fleece jacket is ideal for you in that case. A fleece jacket works well in mild climate changes and is perfect for the fall and spring. There are various types of fleece jackets, as well as fleece itself. The warmth and texture of fluffier fleeces are immense but also heavier. To reduce weight, most consumers choose fleece, which is shallower. Moreover, fleece is incredibly flexible and breathable. So, if you don’t like synthetic fabrics or don’t enjoy feeling suffocated, this is the custom jacket you should choose.

Pea Jacket

A pea jacket is short in length. It has large buttons, wide lapels, a double-breasted front, and multiple pockets. The traditional material for these personalized jackets is thick wool. Sailors usually wear these jackets. But today, they have become a part of mainstream fashion. The chic attitude of the pea jacket has been proudly adopted by every high-end brand, from Gucci to Marks & Spencer. They have boldly incorporated the style into their winter collections.

Mac Jacket

Chemist Charles Mackintosh devised a way to sandwich liquid rubber between the inner and outer layers of fabric. Then, the Mac jacket came into existence. Originally, a Mac was meant to be worn over a suit, but that has since evolved. You can now wear Mac jackets with your casual outfits for a fashionable look.

Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are similar to custom bomber jackets. They are available in various styles and lengths, ranging from waist length to full gore from head to toe. It makes you appear puffier for obvious reasons, yet it is a winter jacket only, protecting you from harsh weather conditions.

Packable Jackets

A Packable jacket is best for frequent travelers. It is easy to carry and provides warmth in chilly weather. Moreover, you can compress it into a little package that only occupies a small amount of space in your backpack. This jacket is ideal for anyone who travels regularly and for unpredictably bad weather. While the designs are usually simple, I wouldn’t suggest wearing them to a party. But I believe having at least one of them will be helpful to you.

Parka Jackets

Typically, a parka is made for chilly climates. It is a hip-length jacket with a fur-lined hood packed with synthetic fibers. Although warm, fashionable, and a little casual, it isn’t always appropriate for various weather situations. So, if you prefer parkas, get a fishtail parka, though. There is no fur lining in this one. Its body is long and has a little vent at the base of the back. They are also available in cotton and polyester blends.

Quilted Jacket

What do you usually wear? Jeans and a t-shirt, perhaps. But adding a little texture is a simple way to boost this appearance, and a quilted jacket excels at adding texture. The quilted jacket has a trendy yet casual appearance. Therefore, if you are unsure what to wear, layer with a quilted custom embroidered jacket; you can also wear them over a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, depending on the weather condition.

Varsity Jacket

A wool base, knitted cuffs with stripes, a leather chest patch, and leather sleeves make up the varsity jacket. Nowadays, most varsity jackets are made from fleece and cotton blends. A well-made varsity jacket is a valuable piece. But the wool should have a sturdy yet delicate texture. You can flaunt it by wearing a pair of sneakers and tailored jeans.

Denim Jacket

After enduring the test of time and evolving fashions, the denim jacket has finally established itself as a classic piece of clothing. These extraordinarily flexible custom jackets have been the subject of much customization during the preceding two decades. Denim jackets are available in various sizes, styles, and colors, as well as with embellishments and rips. When you feel really brave, embrace the double denim trend by matching your jacket and jeans. Otherwise, this outfit will also look fantastic with well-fitted pants.

Final Thoughts

Jackets are one of those fashion accessories that, with very little effort, can drastically change the way you look. For example, you can use custom jackets for various seasons, years, and possibly even a lifetime, so investing in them makes sense. So, whether you need custom jackets for men or women, try experimenting with the abovementioned styles to find the best ones that go well with your style!

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