Benefits of swimming for children with Lifeguard class near me

The practice of physical activity is important for all families , as it helps in physical and mental development, improving the quality of life of people as a whole. In this sense, swimming with Lifeguard class near me for children can still help control obesity and improve motor coordination.

If you have a small child at home and you still don’t know what the ideal sport is for their age, then it’s worth considering swimming as a healthy and beneficial practice for their growth.

Want to understand this better? To help you, in this text we will see the importance of exercises in childhood and the benefits of swimming for children! Come on? Check out:

Can children exercise?

Of course, during childhood, it is not recommended to enroll your children in gyms to practice strengthening activities , such as weight training, as this can hinder their development. However, there are other very welcome dynamics to stimulate you.

Up to the age of five, it is ideal for children to practice more playful and natural activities, without being charged for perfection in the execution of movements. From the age of six, then, the motor functions of the human body are formed, making it possible to introduce new exercise practices.

After the age of twelve, the child – already considered a teenager – can choose any sport that he likes. Even so, this practice of physical activities needs to be accompanied by a trained professional.

It is worth mentioning, however, that swimming for children is one of the few practices of physical activities that can be performed at all stages of childhood. The reasons for this we will see below.

What are the benefits of swimming for children?

Convincing a child to exercise can be an easier task than you might think. This is because the human being produces a lot of energy during childhood, which needs to be put out somehow. Just find the right activity.

In view of this, so that you understand the importance of encouraging your children to practice this sport, we have listed here the main advantages of swimming for children. Check out:

Helps to prevent obesity

We know that the culture of fast food and processed foods has become a villain for health in recent decades. With the help of swimming, however, children are able to fight obesity and live a healthy life.

Improves cardiorespiratory capacity

Involving several exercises that demand breathing control, swimming with Lifeguard class near me for children can help, especially those who have diagnoses of respiratory diseases in childhood. In addition, the practice of these breathing exercises still helps to increase cardiorespiratory capacity, strengthening the immune system of the little ones.

Stimulation of blood circulation

The practice of swimming with Lifeguard class near me during childhood – in fact, even in adult life – influences the bloodstream. This is because it is an exercise that stimulates blood circulation, causing an improvement in oxygenation and the distribution of nutrients throughout the body.

Strengthening muscles naturally

As we said, some physical activities are not recommended during childhood, as they require more effort from children’s muscles than they are prepared to withstand.

Swimming, on the other hand, helps in the development and strengthening of this musculature in a natural way, without demanding more than the child’s body can exercise.

Psychological relief

Many children tend to have fears, of the most varied. Some even say they are afraid of the waters , especially the sea and swimming pools, before starting to practice swimming. The good news is that, in these cases, with just a few lessons, fears will already be considered overcome, as swimming helps in building children’s independence.

Anyway, now you know the importance of physical exercise and the main benefits of swimming for children. As we have seen, in addition to providing a superior quality of life, it is a recreational and very fun activity to be practiced in childhood.

So, are you already thinking about the idea of ​​enrolling your child in swimming lessons? If you liked the post, take the opportunity to share it on your social networks and help other parents to know the benefits of this sport with Lifeguard class near me!

Control weight

Swimming is considered one of the most energy-intensive sports and, therefore, helps to control body weight when combined with a balanced diet. An adult person weighing 80 kg loses, on average, 500 to 600 calories in an hour of swimming – this number is an estimate and varies depending on the style of swimming and the intensity of the training. It is a sport recommended for people who are overweight or obese, as it helps to lose weight in a healthy way and without causing much impact on the joints.
It became clear that a sport that can bring as many benefits as swimming can in fact offer great results and a lot of quality of life!

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