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Whether you want food delivered to your home or are organising a trip to a lovely location. Do you wish to use other services or make a hotel reservation? Apps for mobile devices are the future. Additionally, by offering instructions and handling difficult calculations, these apps make things simple for everyone. To ensure you make the most of them, we have put together a list of apps for your convenience.


The flight app Hopper will be useful if you are debating the fairness of the flights now available or want to know when the price will decrease. You must enter the desired trip into the app to get a notification on when to get inexpensive airline tickets. This app helps a lot of users because it clearly illustrates cost differences through the use of colour coding. The software displays the cheapest days as green, the priciest days as orange, and the most costly days as red. is a simple and practical software that lets you find and reserve hotels practically everywhere in the globe. This app gives a night in the hotel for every additional 10 nights reserved, as well as paying rewards programmes for any OTA. Additionally, there will be a price if you want to use your free night. The cost is reasonable, and waives the price when you book a reward night using the app.

Google Maps

The Google Maps app is highly useful because it offers you maps, street views, and directions. This software gives you an amazing experience when you’re travelling and looking for a spot. Walking, driving, and taking public transportation will prevent you from ever feeling lost when visiting a new location. If your internet connection was lost, the application includes offline mapping as a bonus function. Additionally, the app offers street, live view, and indoor maps of shopping centres and airports.


While residing in the UK, you are responsible for providing for your family members back home. There are many choices, which makes it challenging to select the best one. Azimo makes it easier and more affordable for you to send money abroad to more than 80 countries and 60+ currencies. When you download the app for iOS or Android smartphones, you can also take advantage of two fee-free transfers. When you require them, other options like cash gifts and emergency payments are also available.\


Finding a place to live might be difficult in the UK. Download SpareRoom to free up space if you play about with your work or school commitments. The best app for finding affordable accommodation is SpareRoom. Use the location and budget search criteria to locate the ideal area to live. With the aid of SpareRoom, You can message the poster of the advertisement directly and, after finding something suitable, set up a meeting. To meet a large number of potential roommates at once, you can even take part in or arrange “Speed Flatmating” events.


Deliveroo is the application for you if you want some hot food but don’t have the time to cook. Deliveroo provides a lot more options than just standard fast food. The most popular food delivery app brings exquisite foods right to your door. Change to a “Deliveroo Plus” account on the app for enhanced services and free delivery of your items. For £3.49 a month or £11.49 a month, you may enjoy free delivery on orders over £10 or over £25 respectively. You may even save £5 every order and receive wonderful deals from the restaurant of your choice by upgrading your account.

Starling Bank

Sorting out their bank accounts is their first priority as more individuals immigrate to the UK. When moving into a new home, paying for utilities, and handling other obligations, opening a bank account is crucial. The Starling Bank app provides a variety of financial services, such as debit and budgeting tools. With your new UK buddies, you may split any costs using the app, and if you wish to deposit money, you can do so at your neighbourhood post office.

Hello Fresh

You may have heard of or tried British cuisine. All around the nation, there are a lot of eateries, cafes, and bars. Aren’t you eager to bring back British food? Hello Fresh is the mobile phone app for you if you want to subscribe to a recipe box or look up a nearby supermarket.

You may get inventive, delectable, and spicy meals from Hello Fresh delivered right to your door. Sign up for weekly deliveries to provide your family with scrumptious, homemade meals. They encircle the whole nation, with the exception of few rural places.

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