Camping in Manali 2022: A Complete Guide 


Manali is a paradise for those who love nature, Manali is settled in the midst of the magnificent Himalayas located in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by lush greenery and snow-capped mountains. Manali is an excellent destination for those looking to plan an adventure-filled vacation. The numerous campsites in Manali can bring you to the natural world and help you understand that for our species to advance in technology it is always necessary to have the gentle touch of nature.

This article will serve as a guide for you to discover one of the more exciting spots in the city.

Solang valley: 

Stunning Solang valley in Manali is located over Kullu’s valley. Kullu is an incredible campsite, close to the city’s center. The name of the valley comes from the village that is nearby Solang. 2400 m over sea level. Solang Valley is an exciting camping spot that offers activities such as paragliding, zorbing or trekking, and ATV riding.

River Beas: 

This site is ideal for those who want to camp close to the sound of the river. While the river runs through the entire length of Rohtang Pass to Kullu, the best spot suitable for camping is close to Manali. It is located 20 kilometers away from the city of Manali This area is the perfect combination of stunning hills, lush natural beauty, and postcard-like views of the Himalayas.

Hallan valley:

Is a must be a must-see place within Manali for those who appreciate peace and tranquil surroundings. It is one of the tiniest valleys in Himachal Pradesh which offers a glimpse of stunning apple orchards, as well as breathtaking perspectives of Kullu Valley.

Sethan, the campsite Sethan is the ideal spot to stay if you wish to get free of the hustle and bustle and have a relaxing vacation. Sethan is situated about 800m higher than Manali, Sethan lies in the middle in one of the areas that are not permitted. The camping sites are surrounded by apple farms, which will offer the visitor an unforgettable experience.

Kothi Village: 

Awe-inspiring camping area, Kothi village is located in the foothills of Rohtang Pass. The distance is about 12 km from Manali the location is situated at an elevation of 2500 meters. The quaint town is well-known for its breathtaking perspectives of the valley. It also offers views of the river Beas running through the gorge from this.

Tirthan Valley: 

Often regarded as Himachal’s most secretive place, Tirthan valley is an undiscovered area in Manali to stay in the forest. This quiet spot is ideal for people who want to get away from the outside world and have a camp experience of Manali with a stunning panorama over the Himalayas and other activities such as a waterfall slide and waterfall hike, river dip, and more.

Kullu valley, one of the most beautiful camping spots is often known as”the “Valley of Gods”. Along with offering exciting activities such as rock climbing, paragliding, and rafting Kullu is a great location to escape the monotony of everyday life.

Hidimba Devi Temple:

Locally known in the local press as Dhungari Temple, this temple is situated within Manali and was constructed around 1553 CE by Maharaja Bahadur Singh. It was constructed around the cave where Devi Hidimba performed meditation and it is believed that she was a resident here alongside her son. It is one of the coziest and most comfortable camping sites within Manali, Hidimba Devi Temple is the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure

Bhanu Bridge: 

Bhanu bridge located in Manali is a great spot to go if you are seeking an adrenaline rush, giving you the chance of camping amongst lush hills and the gushing sound that the rivers make.

Village Sarai: 

This village is situated along the Kullu Manali bypass and is only 20 minutes from the city. The unspoiled and pure nature of the area, as well as its serene environment and lush. Greenery, make it one of the most ideal places to camp in Manali.


This destination offers simple campsites which are equipped with all the amenities you’ll need in the woods. It is ideal for those who are looking to get far from the crowds. And require the least amount of technology. Bhuntar offers a thrilling camping adventure in general.

Kullu-Manali Bypass: 

Kullu-Manali Bypass is home to a variety of camping areas. These campsites are surrounded by the most stunning beauty of nature, and to top it off they. Are adorned with all the luxurious amenities that could be imagined. The beautiful camp situated amid the Himalayan mountains will allow you to be close to the natural beauty.

Bhajogi The Bhajogi area is a perfect spot for camping in Manali. It is home to Mulkila Adventure Camps This camp is spread throughout Manali’s town. The facilities offered will ensure you’re in a comfortable environment. And the position of the site will place you amid nature.

Nagar Road: 

Nagar Road will provide you with the experience of Antarctica by offering a cozy Igloo stay. There are several igloo lodges located in this region that make this experience more enjoyable. If you’re bored with traditional camping and. Would like to try something different and unique, then this is the right place to go where you can. Build the snowman of your dreams and get cozy by the fires.

Haripur is another place to visit with an array of exquisite options for luxury camping. Haripur is ideal for those who want to stay in a tent and not step outside their comfort zone. You will be rewarded with the opportunity to experience. The most relaxing of activities, such as experiencing. Peaceful nature and taking part in outdoor pursuits like fishing and yoga.

Nayalag and Kasheri Nayalag and Kasheri: 

This destination has the most breathtaking panoramas of Kullu Valley. The ideal time to camp in this area is during summer. When you can see the meadows and dense jungle that lies close to Kashmiri village. You could also pay the opportunity to. Visit one of Manali’s unorthodox monasteries called Nyingmapa Pangan Monastery. Which is just 13 km away from Nayalag.

Fojal Valley: 

Popular for paragliding, and for relaxing nights in a quiet area, away from the bustling areas of Manali The valley is just 5km from Dhobi paragliding spot. In summer, you can go on hiking and gain an understanding of the Himachal lifestyle.

Soyal village:

 A charming village located 15km from Manali, Soyal is meant for those who want to avoid the tourist route. In this small village, there are glacier-fed water streams enclosed by dense forests. There are numerous cafes set up in the area that will delight your palate with delicious food. The camping here is sure to guarantee you a relaxing moment.

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