Do I need IELTS to study in the UK?

Does IELTS Compulsory for studying in the UK?

IELTS as a Visa for Study Abroad

The UK is still one of the most demanding countries to study abroad. After the United States, it has the largest number of the best universities in the world. Due to work visa restrictions in the UK in 2012, the number of international students there has declined. However, in January 2020, the British government announced the return of a two-year work visa after studying for international students. Do I need IELTS to study in the UK? Here is the answer, this has once again made it a favorite destination for international students who want to continue their higher education abroad.

Does IELTS Compulsory for studying in the UK?

When it comes to applying to UK universities, students have a concern. British universities require foreign students to prove their skills in English and not all students agree. In this article, we will inform you about the conditions of studying in the UK without the IELTS exam. The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a standardized test administered by students whose first language is not English to prove their language proficiency in English. In addition to the IELTS test, candidates can also take the English Language Proficiency Test (TOEFL) and the Pearson Test of English (PTE) to prove their English language skills.

What is IELTS Test and why it is Important?

It is important to take the IELTS exam because your stay depends on it. Knowledge of English is a student visa requirement and in turn, will affect your application to the UK. Those who do not wish to take the IELTS or other English language tests can now apply to the universities that offer admission without requesting IELTS test scores. However, there may be other criteria set by the university that you must meet for admission. Universities in the UK may ask students to prove their English language proficiency in other ways rather than by standard test scores. So, you can check with the university website how it measures your level of English proficiency and thus saves you time, money, and effort at once.

Universities in UK Provide admissions without IELTS

  1. University of Plymouth, UK
  2. University of Portsmouth, UK
  3. Swansea University, UK
  4. University of Warwick, UK
  5. London Southbank University, UK
  6. University of Greenwich, UK
  7. University of Central Lancashire, UK
  8. Aston University, UK
  9. Northumbria University, UK
  10. Robert Gordon University, UK
  11. University of Bolton, UK
  12. Birmingham City University, UK
  13. Riga Technical University, UK
  14. University of Northampton, UK
  15. Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Conditions for Evaluating English Ability

Sometimes universities require a candidate’s prior secondary education. For example, if your school is English for all subjects, in this case, the college may consider this as evidence.

Some universities require candidates to appear for an online interview. Also, the candidates who do not appear for the IELTS exam may request an online interview and the university will test their English language proficiency.

Universities will also take into account your high school or senior year scores. For example, if you scored more than 75% in English in grades 10 and 12, universities may consider this as proof of English proficiency.

There are also universities that may require you to submit IELTS or TOEFL scores, but also write a separate test to prove your level of English.


Knowledge of English is one of the conditions for obtaining a Tier 4, the most popular student visa in the UK. However, if your university waives your IELTS test scores, you can ask them to provide proof that you are eligible for a UK student visa. Also, a study in UK consultant is always there to help you out regarding any query of study abroad.

Advantages of studying in the UK

The UK is one of the most developed countries in the world.

It has a multinational culture and is considered the best multilingual cosmopolitan.

Degrees of the United Kingdom is recognized all over the world.

It offers many opportunities for aspiring students to explore areas to start their careers.

The National Health Service (NHS) is free for undergraduate students whose course duration is more than 6 months.

Some UK universities offer scholarships to international students.

If you intend to study in the UK without IELTS, check out the university’s website. So, find your course and go through the requirements to start your admission process!

IELTS Coaching for Preparation

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