Do’s and Don’ts Before Presenting Your Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is one of the most significant and challenging tasks for the completion of your higher studies. It is a description of your entire dissertation project. It includes a short introduction to your dissertation and outlines your action plan for the research project. It demonstrates the methodology you will use to obtain the findings and details on how you’ll collect data or information.

A good presentation about your dissertation proposal shows your analytical thinking, writing skills, in-depth knowledge, English proficiency, and communication skills. It demonstrates your expertise and capacity to develop innovative ideas in your selected field. Presenting a dissertation proposal in a good manner can be challenging for students.

This article will provide you with some do’s and don’ts to present your dissertation proposal.

Do’s to present your dissertational proposal

1.     Make sure you have a greater understanding of your topic

Before presenting your dissertation proposal, you need to make sure that you have studied the information about your topic from various sources. Studying your topic from different sources helps you to get a better understanding of their concepts and ideas. Researching from different sources can prove to be great dissertation proposal help for you to select the right research methodology.

2.     Take a glass of water

Before entering in the presentation hall, you should take a glass of water and relax your mind from different pessimistic thinking. You can’t present your dissertation proposal strongly if you are surrounded by depressing thoughts. So take a deep breath and drink a glass of water before the presentation.

3.     Follow your institutional guidelines

Ensure that you must follow the basic guidelines of your institution for your presentation. Most universities have a basic rule that students must send their proposal to their instructor and institution before presenting the dissertation proposal. You can check these guidelines online from their websites or also confirm with your instructor. So check these guidelines of your related institution and do as per the rules.

4.     Paraphrase your discussion during the presentation

You must ensure that you paraphrase the information during a presentation that you have included in your dissertation proposal. Because of this, your instructor must not feel that you are just repeating your proposal in front of the committee. It would be best if you changed your wording in a way that it doesn’t lose its original meaning. For this sake, you divide your whole discussion into different sections and write down these in your notes. These notes are helpful for you in the presentation.

Don’ts to present your dissertational proposal

1.     Don’t phrase the whole sentences

Before giving a presentation, you need to read your dissertation proposal thoroughly and carefully. You should change your wording but make sure that you do not paraphrase the whole sentences. As you are giving a presentation of your proposal, it means you are presenting your discussion that is included in your proposal. The committee needs to know that you are presenting your proposal’s discussion and arguments. If you paraphrase the whole sentence, it may change the original meaning of your included arguments. If this happens, the committee may realise that you don’t have a proper understanding of your topic. Which results in they might give rejection of your proposal.

2.     Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes in your presentation

It would be best if you reread your presentation of your dissertation proposal after its composition. Before presenting your proposal, you must proofread your presentation by at least one other person. Reread your presentation until you satisfy that there is no grammar or spelling mistake.

3.     Don’t think that you are in a serious discussion room

Thinking that you are presenting your dissertation proposal, which is a very serious matter, might affect your presentation. Because when you are taking it as a serious matter, you may do mistakes in presenting your proposal. To avoid this problem, you must stay calm so that you should present your presentation well.


A dissertation is the most significant part of the completion of your degree. To get permission for your dissertation, you must write a dissertation proposal to your instructor and your institution. The institution forms a committee, and you have to present your proposal in front of them. Your presentation is the key to getting permission for your dissertation. So you must read information about your topic from different sources to fully understand their concepts. It would be best if you take a glass of water and sit for a while before giving the presentation. Also, ensure that there is no grammatical or spelling mistake in your presentation.

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