How to carry out the housekeeping of your hotel?

How to carry out the housekeeping of your hotel?

In the world of hospitality, guests and visitors need to have an exceptional experience. Nowadays, with the rise of technology, a single bad review online creates catastrophic magnitudes for the reputation of a hotel. To avoid positive reviews, the housekeeping of the hotel and the rooms must be impeccable. Here is a roadmap to help you achieve effective and thorough household cleaning through a hotel cleaning company.

The importance of cleaning your hotel with a specialized company

To effectively clean your hotel, it is best to call on a professional hotel cleaning company. Indeed, cleanliness and hygiene in hotels are decisive elements for visitors. To build customer loyalty and keep customers coming back, of their own free will, leaving a good impression is essential. In a commercial sector, order, cleanliness, and hygiene are decisive. 

The reasons for using the help of a specialized cleaning company are quite obvious. Since the hotel is permanently employed, it is normal that this leaves traces. Thus, the hotel must imperatively be cleaned every day, even after its employees so that it is ready for new use. This affects hotel rooms, but also other areas of the hotel accessible to customers. 

The main tasks to do to maintain a hotel

To carry out the maintenance and housekeeping work of the hotel, it is necessary to clean from top to bottom both the walls and the decorative objects. This golden rule concerns all work carried out in the hotel: hall, reception, breakfast room, corridors, bar, restaurant, personalized rooms, and so forth 

Some of the main tasks involved in cleaning a hotel include: 

  • Vacuuming the floor mats. In winter, the latter must go to the laundry every week;
  • Emptying and cleaning garbage cans and ashtrays;
  • The cleaning of the hotel and the building; 
  • Wiping all stone surfaces and hard floor coverings with a damp cloth; 
  • Cleaning of tables and seats; 
  • The cleaning of entrance doors, windows, and wrists.

This list is not exhaustive, but the tasks to be carried out by the cleaning company will, of course, be discussed beforehand with the managers of the said hotel. 

7 tips for cleaning hotel rooms

Hotel rooms need to be spotless to create a spark with guests. Indeed, a clean and tidy hotel room contributes to the development of the brand image of the hotel and attracts more visitors. Let’s discover, therefore, 7 tips for effectively cleaning hotel rooms. 

Open windows

Admittedly, this innocuous gesture will only take you a few seconds, but it makes the difference! Before cleaning a hotel room, always remember to open the blinds and windows. In this way, fresh air and natural daylight will easily enter the room. Why is this so important? Because this operation allows the room to breathe better while giving it excellent ventilation. 

Clean the room

To easily and quickly clean a hotel room, the ideal is to start with a “blank slate”. In this state of mind, the tasks to be carried out, first, comprise:

  • Empty the bin; 
  • Remove sheets, bath mats, and towels; 
  • Remove shampoo bottles and other shower products. 

By working in this way, you will avoid wiping, picking up, and changing objects after cleaning them on a wet surface. 

Clean bedroom areas first

To minimize bacterial proliferation, it is advisable to always clean the bedroom before attacking the bathroom. Why? Because this trick improves the general cleanliness of said room and sanitation. This also allows cleaning products time to work effectively. This advice also allows an exceptional saving of time! 

Use mattress protectors

Putting on mattress protectors: design advice and a real upkeep tip. Using mattress protectors solves save a lot of money. Indeed, they protect the mattresses of the hotel room from liquids, but also from stains, allergens, and dust mites. 

Take the time to dust well

Dusting is quick and easy but often overlooked by cleaners. So, take the time to dust the bulbs well to prevent them from looking dirty and neglected. As for the curtains, dusting every 2 to 3 days is essential to remove the dust. 

Vacuum and sweep

During cleaning a hotel room, the actual cleaning should be the ultimate task. Sweeping the floor makes it easier to remove debris and dust from the floor before the next step: washing. 

Just like the floor, vacuuming the furniture is also essential to keep it clean and tidy. Often neglected, dust on the furniture quickly makes the room very dark: a detail that customers notice very often. By neglecting this step, customers think that the work is neglected: a bad point for the hotel. 

Place cleaning products inside a trolley

During the cleaning and maintenance of a hotel room, a trivial thing can be a source of waste of time. Among these commonplace elements, we can cite the search for essential products for cleaning and maintaining a hotel room. To be efficient and productive, the ideal is to always put all the products on a trolley. In this way, their transport will be easy from one room to another. 

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