How to Draw in Squidward

How to Draw in Squidward. SpongeBob Squarepants is one of the numerous famous animated shows of all time! Since 1999, SpongeBob and his friends have been entertained through shows, movies, video games, and more!

He is full of bright, cheerful characters, standing out from his neighbor Luidward with his grumpy and cynicism.

Despite this, he is an extremely popular character, and many fans like to learn to draw Lula to show their love for him.

If you also like this bare-bumped character, you will love this guide!

Our step-by-step guide on how to draw squidward in 10 steps will make you recreate this beloved character before you know it, with the help of cool drawings.

Drawing Squidward

Step 1:

For the first steps of this guide on drawing squid, we will use a pencil before passing with a pen later.

It will make it easier when we add more details! Using the pen, draw an oval shape flat enough for the main form of the head.

Then draw a descendant classification line with a flat form below and attach it to this line. So you are ready for step 2!

Step 2:

Continuing with your soft design, we pull our eyes and nose now. To your eyes, draw two oval shapes connecting.

Then use a curved line coming down to the nose erasing it.

Step 3:

Mollusk Lula has a long, thin neck, which we will draw for this stage of our guide on how to draw squid mollusk.

Draw two slightly curved lines that descend from the bottom of your head so that you can draw the collar of his shirt at her base.

Step 4:

You can now add a shirt to your Lula design using your pencil. Just draw diagonal lines for shirt sleeves and add the shirt’s body below.

We still wear a pencil because we designed our arms crossed on the shirt later.

Step 5:

Now that you have his shirt, now we can draw your crucial tentacles and arms at this stage of our guide on how to draw squid mollusk.

Let’s draw her arms using curved and rounded lines, so use the reference image closely as you draw!

Step 6:

Mollusk Lula has four legs of tentacles, and we will draw the first for his Lula design now.

Use curved lines for the bottom of the body down the shirt. Then draw long lines to his leg so that you can add your tentacle foot at the end.

You will be ready to add other legs to the next stage!

Step 7:

Now that you have the first leg drawn, you can add another to this stage of our guide on how to draw Lula Mollusca.

This leg goes in front of the first you designed and will appear almost like a mirrored image of the first. So once this is designed, we can start adding the final details to the following steps!

Step 8:

The next two steps of this luxury design will be focused on the end of the final details. Start drawing more curved lines for two more feet attached to the first two you designed.

Then you will draw a line to his mouth under his nose, and you can also add lines to his forehead to show that he still reaches!

Step 9:

How to Draw in Squidward

This stage of our guide on drawing squid mollusk will see you complete the details and the final elements.

In this feature, you can also begin utilizing your pen. First, erase the bottom of the eye on the left and draw your nose pushing this area.

Then you can draw her eyelids in the middle of the eyes with your square students.

Finally, finish drawing the round aspirations under your feet. Once you are happy with the glimpse of everything, you can get your pen and review all your pencil lines to finish it.

Step 10:

How to Draw in Squidward

We will end with some colors for this last step. Our reference image shows how it should look like typical color.

It means we use light blue for your skin with yellow and brown through your eyes. So we ended with a beige brown for her shirt.

You can also change the colors to create a more exclusive look for it! Do not forget to color any lower or additional items you may have added.

4 Other ways to make your luxury drawing

In the Spongebob Squarepants series, Squidward is associated with different objects and accessories. You can add some of these objects to improve your squidward design!

There are some examples that you can take from the show. For some of them, he could be placed with his faithful clarinet or maybe carry his Krusty Krab hat.

These are simply rare models, but what other accessories could you add? You can even project some of you that is not a show!

Squidward is one of the many famous and symbolic characters in the series, and you can add some of these characters here. It would be a great way to make your Squidward drawing even bigger!

For some examples, you may have SpongeBob, Patrick, or M. Krabs. It is just a small selection of characters you can use, but we are sure you can think of many others!

Who else would you like to present in this image?

In this image, we showed squidward in his usual brown shirt, but he wore many other looks throughout the series.

You can customize this luxury sketch more, drawing -in one of these clothes!

It is another example of using program inspiration or making your look. You can also change your facial installation and expression to make it even more exclusive.

Finally, you should try to have fun with the colors you use for this luxury design! We tried to use colors and shades that corresponded intimately to the show’s appearance.

You can use media such as pens or colored markers if you want a similar look. Some paintings would also work well to reproduce the show’s appearance.

However, you do not need to keep the colors of the show! You must certainly do so if you want to give a unique look to squidward.

Your Squidward drawing is complete!

I wish you had a ton of pleasure diving at the bottom of the sea to enjoy this guide on how to draw in slowly!

Cartoon design can sometimes be harder than expected, so we hope this guide has shown how fun and easy when you know what to do!

Supporting a drawing in smaller steps and taking it slowly is always the best way to make a new drawing like this.

Now you can go even further by adding your ideas and items. We analyze some ideas, such as drawing a background or adding characters from the series, but what else can you think to finish?

Be sure to swim on our site, as we have many amazing guides to enjoy. You want to visit frequently because we usually update the guide list.

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