How to Find The Best Custom Luxury Rigid Boxes For Your Product

If you’re looking for custom luxury rigid boxes to package your product, it’s important to make sure that the manufacturer listens to your needs and designs the product accordingly. If you find that the manufacturer makes mistakes when it comes to proofs or if it’s not responsive to your requests, you may want to look for another manufacturer.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Whether you sell jewelry or books, a custom rigid box can be an effective marketing tool. These boxes can be print or adorned with enticing artwork to catch the attention of your target audience. A custom box can also save you from the hassle of acquiring expensive steel dies and printing plates.

To make the custom rigid box more appealing, you can add foil accents or other finishes. These decorative additions create a metallic effect on the packaging and give it a more elegant look. You can even have your logo foil stamp on the box! Spot UV printing is another great option for creating a modern, high-end look for your product. Unlike other methods of printing, this process produces a glossy, hard finish that makes even a dull surface pop.

Custom rigid boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and are available in a range of materials. In addition to cardboard, they can be made out of flexible packaging materials. Styrofoam plastic panels, for instance, are cheap alternatives but do not hold up as well as cardboard boxes. You can even use a foam pad inside the box to increase its durability.

If you’re selling jewelry or another delicate product, custom rigid boxes can offer a superior protection option. These boxes are often made of heavy chipboard, which makes them stronger and more durable than cardboard boxes. While choosing the material, always keep in mind the dimensions, weight and other factors of your product. An expert will be able to advise you on the best material for the specific product.

Full-Finish Rigid Boxes

Full-finish rigid boxes can help you protect your product from damage. These boxes are highly customizable and can have custom printing and finishing. In addition, rigid boxes are space-saving and can be made without consuming expensive plates or steel dies. Your product can be package in an attractive way to promote your brand and its products.

Full-finish rigid boxes can be use for storing expensive jewelry and cosmetics. They have a magnetic closure and can be printed or laminated. They can also have a wraparound finish. Unlike other rigid boxes, these boxes are completely cover with chipboard. The chipboard use to create full-finish boxes is typically two to three mm thick.

Rigid boxes are also durable. Because of their rigid structure, they do not easily deform and keep their shape while transporting your product. The rigid material also protects the product within the box. Rigid boxes are also a good choice for short-run orders. These boxes can be made using machine or hand labor.

Rigid boxes can also be custom-made. Using chipboard or thick cardboard, rigid boxes can be produced with various colors and designs. With a complete-finish rigid box, you won’t even see the chipboard. Because the chipboard is about two to three millimeters thick, it is barely visible from the outside. Rigid boxes can also be laminated with various finishing options.

Printed Rigid Boxes

Printed rigid boxes are a great way to present your product to customers. These boxes can be customize to fit your product’s specifications. Additionally, rigid boxes have the advantage of being sturdy and secure. They can be print to look beautiful and appealing without compromising the product’s strength and integrity.

When shipping larger packages, rigid flat-rate boxes are an ideal solution. They are less expensive per pound than smaller boxes, but cost more per total box weight. Customized rigid boxes are also an excellent way to display electronic devices and jewelry. They can be wide enough to accommodate large pieces, such as laptops.

Rigid boxes can be design for any occasion. They can be printed on both sides, which gives your products a custom look. You can also choose from a variety of colors for your packaging. You can use a vibrant color for the outside and a soft color for the inside of the box. Print rigid boxes are not just functional; they also make great gifts for customers.


If your product is expensive, custom luxury rigid boxes are the right choice for the packaging. Their unique look elevates the product to the next level. They are also ideal for sales kits. Rigid boxes are four times thicker than traditional folding cartons and are therefore more robust. This makes them a great choice for luxury brands.

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