How To Make Interactive Reels On Instagram?

Are you not aware of the new feature that is trending on Instagram these days?

Reels are a game-changer for everyone on social media. It allows the users to see creative posts from a whole new perspective. The marketers aim to add extreme creativity in creating the amazing reels for their audience. 

Today, there are 2.35 billion monthly active users of reels. This is just wow! The statistics clearly show how popular this feature is among social media users. 

But there is half of the audience out there who is still not aware of the right way to create interactive reels on Instagram. Well, you are definitely on the right page because it is the time to bring back that energy to your feed, which ensures attracting the audience to you. 

In this blog, I have mentioned a few mind-blowing tips and tricks for creating beautiful reels on Instagram. So, let’s dig in. 

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are a new feature on Instagram that allows you to record and edit short videos. These videos are of about 30 seconds that you can record in the app directly. You can add music, filters, captions, stickers, and much more in the video. However, not every account has music yet. 

If you want to create an entertaining post, go for Instagram reels. It is the best for catching up with your audience and making them stay for long. 

Where Can I Watch Instagram Reels?

You can easily find reels on the Explore page. Just tap the tab and you will find tons of reels from different pages. 

This is where you can easily explore the best reels that are trending on the platform. Go watch the reels that you think can amuse you and make your day better.

Tips And Tricks For Making Reels On Instagram

  1. Click the camera on the top left of your home feed.
  2. Scroll over to Reels that pops up in the options.
  3. Tap and hold the camera so that you can record the video. Also, you can record the video again and again until you get the desired clip. 
  4. Other than this, you can use different video clips from the gallery to create an interesting Reels for your audience. Simply scroll and look for the clips you wish to add in the reels. 
  5. Once you are done with recording or pulling the clips together, you can re-watch, trim, or delete as per your choice. 
  6. Also, Reels can be edited according to your taste and requirements. It is quite fun doing this step. This is because you get to add anything you think can bring that vibe in the video. 
  7. When the reels are final and you think it should go on your feed, make it right and do it. The brownie point is to add beautiful captions to make the video more lively and engaging. Also, change the cover photo according to your likeness. 

Be it for personal use or businesses like, anyone can create interesting reels on Instagram and earn more audience like never before. 

Are Instagram Reels Shareable?

Yes, of course. Reels are shareable. You can easily share it as a post on your feed, story or on other platforms. However, there are certain ways of sharing reels so that you can get maximum response. 

The best practice is to share it on Reels. But the professionals have witnessed that by sharing it on Reels And feed can get you maximum response. So, do follow the right trick to get the response you desire for. 

Several buyers in the list of B2B buyers directory tend to watch such reels and order their favorite product right away. This is how reels are making an incredible change in the world. 

Can You Save Reels As Draft?

Indeed, you can. Saving a reel as draft can help you focus more on the quality rather than entertainment factor. You can even download a copy and save it for later use. 

However, the major off-scene with the draft is that the reel is saved without music. So, if you have added music in your reel and wish to save it for later use, you might lose the music. Better select the music and add it in the final copy. 


Making reels on Instagram is no more a daunting task. You just need to have the right skillset because not everyone can create the best reels on the platform. Also, learn the professional tricks that ensure bringing up your post on your audience’s feed. It will

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