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Main Uses Of C Programming Language in Real Life

Although the C programming language was first launches nearly 50 years ago, it is still widely utilize today in many industries.

It was ranked second in 2019 due to its speed and platform-independent features. This programming language was designing for hardware with which you can interact directly, such as drivers and kernels.

All other programming languages are built upon the C programming language. As a result, many other languages refer to it as their mother tongue. C programming is so in demand. This is precisely what we will discuss on this blog.

This blog contains all you need to know about c programming languages, including the C programming features and C Programming uses.

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What is the C programming language?

C programming language is a medium-level language. Dennis Ritchie, Bell’s researcher, developed it in 1972. C programming language blends the best of both a high-level and low-level language. It is also a high-level language for programming that allows you to create computer code and moveable applications.

C is the most popular programming language for developing computer code systems. The C language has 32 keywords. The C programming language is the foundation of many other programming languages.

What uses can C programming have in everyday life?

C programming is used primarily for developing system software and desktop applications. Below are some examples of C programming programs.

Operating Systems

UNIX was the very first OS to be develops in a high-level programming language, the C programming language. Later, Microsoft Windows and other Android apps were scripting using C language.

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Adobe Photoshop is one the most widely uses for photo editors. It was built for using the C language. Illustrator and Adobe Premiere were also built for using C.

Embedded Systems

C programming is the best option for writing embedded system drivers and scripting applications because it closely associates with machine hardware.


C/C++ was utilize to develop Google chromium browser and Google file system. The C/C++ language is also utilize to manage a large number of projects in the Google Open Source community.

Compiler Design

Compilers were one of the most common uses of C programming language. Compilers for other languages were build by considering the relationship between C and low-level languages. This made it easier to understand by the machine. Clang C was utilize to create many popular compilers such as Bloodshed Dev C, Apple C and MINGW.

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are open-source email client programs. They were therefore written in C/C++.

Gaming and Animation

The C language, which is compiler-based, is much faster than Java or Python and has a good reputation in the gaming industry. C languages uses to code some of the most basic games, including Tic-Tac-Toe and The Snake game. id Software, Microsoft Windows’s leading software developer, created Doom3 and a fps horror video game using C in 2004.


MySQL is an open-source project that is utilize in Database Management Systems. It was written in C/C++.

Why should you learn programming in ‘C’?

C programming language is widely utilize, as you can see. It is also utilize in many other areas. C programming is the foundation for all other programming languages. C programming is essential for learning other programming languages. It provides the same concepts, including control statements, operators and data types. Programming in ‘C’ can be utilize in many different applications. It’s a simple language that allows for faster execution.

Why learn ‘C’ programming?

As you can see, there are several uses for the C programming language. It is also frequently utilised in a lot of other places. Programming in “C” is the essential building block of all other programming languages. C will become more crucial if you start learning it now as you move on to learning other programming languages. The same ideas, such as operators, data types, control statements, and many more, are provided. C programming can be applied to a variety of different situations. It is a simple language that enables faster execution.

Last words

We have provided all information about the future uses of C programming and why it is important. For your convenience, we have included C programming language applications. This language are designing for hardware that you can interact with directly, such as drivers, kernels and drivers. It is low-level, fast, and platform-independent.

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