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Everyone must move at some point, but experienced clients are informed that there are times when moves go poorly. Commercial mover in surrey will speed up the moving process. However, choosing the right one is crucial. If you conduct a study before your move, a good moving company could make your activity much more manageable. As every moving company has different prices and services, knowing what you can expect on the day of your move is crucial. Therefore, you must research and study as many companies as possible.

Get a Complete Estimate

Anyone who does a brief walk-through of the building will miss all the details while giving you an estimate. When they calculate, they should inquire about what you will take to the new location. Be ready to answer questions on what items will not be on the truck, which items have to be removed, and are disrupting specific sectors in which they operate.

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Commercial mover in surrey can assist you in moving all your items to your new place.

Choose a Business with a One Name

You may be shocked that various businesses operate under different names to avoid being inspected due to the Better Business Bureau and other online review sites. Check if the company has a local physical address, license, and insurance details.

Look for other names the business “does business as” in addition to their federal and state license numbers. Be sure to read their online reviews and review their comments and complaints.

 Never Pay a Large Deposit

While some cannot be avoided, certain moving companies are reputable and do not require a large payment before moving. The fee, at a minimum, the majority – must be paid off after the moving process. If they do not, they could steal your possessions, and you could be in the middle of an unjustified lawsuit to settle. If you pay, use a credit card to safeguard against fraud.

Create an Inventory

As you walk through your house, the estimator will inventory your belongings and furniture to calculate your home’s total weight. In addition, they should take the time to inspect the storage spaces, including desks, drawers, and areas for bookcases, lobbies, and filing cabinets.

The main factor in the moving costs is the weight of your possessions and the room it will take up in the truck. When you receive the estimate, please review it carefully and ensure you comprehend everything.

Look at Reviews

Many potential customers rely on online reviews as if they were recommendations from acquaintances and relatives. A trustworthy Commercial mover in the surrey business will have an overall rating of high when they have served their clients effectively.

You will find that only some reviews will get a definitive score in analyzing these reviews. This is OK. Some customers are only partially satisfied. However, your decision is the best company to work with by looking at what other customers have written.

Be Aware of Extra Fees

Remember that some moving companies, even the ones that are reputable, are willing to add extra charges for specific situations. Moving through more than one staircase, narrow roads, truck transfers, and moving between or to 2-story homes are likely to lead to additional charges. However, these should be included in the initial estimate to ensure that you do not get any surprises in the final invoice.

You may also contact the company in advance to inquire what will cost you an additional charge. Remember that every mover is different, so although one company might include climbing multiple stairs in the process, it could be considered an extra expense in another.

Know Your Moving Contract

Although some companies may differ in their approach, there are usually three types of contracts for moving:

  • Binding Cost Estimate. This includes a guarantee for the price of the move, which covers any additional charges and services. If you decide to add any other service after completing the deal, the costs must be paid within 30 days following the relocation.
  • Non-Binding to exceed the estimate. This prevents the firm from charging overages about the initial quote they gave. The forecast is the most you will be required to pay for services.
  • Non-binding estimate. This means the mover can charge at most 10% over the initial assessment. Be aware that any overage is due within 30 days after the move date.


Naturally, only some damage to your belongings will appear immediately following the move. However, you are given nine months to declare any damage or issues to the Commercial mover in surrey and make an insurance claim. Therefore, if you look inside a box after a year and discover something broken and broken, there is still time. On the day of your move, you should open all the boxes you can once they have arrived at the new place and ensure you have checked them for any damage. Any issues should be documented on the moving company’s copy of the bill. Be sure to verify any changes before signing the bill. You can check out Big Boy Deliveries for the best commercial moving services.

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