SD-WAN Networks – Protect Remote Network Access Points

SD-WAN  – Remote Access Points for a Secure Home Office

Secure home and office solutions that comply with new remote working trends without compromising productivity

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses around the world suddenly closed their doors and sent their workers home. Consequently, corporations need to develop a model that suits them. On-site and distance labor are usually balanced. Before digitalization and hybrid solutions, businesses were pushing for the epidemic.

Increasingly, remote work and office work are combined. Various industries benefit from mixed work for a variety of reasons. Many international corporations are looking to make this a permanent feature, so it will not be long before many companies take similar action.

Today, businesses need a permanent 5G wireless connection to support their daily operations, even when they are away from the office. The majority of companies have adopted a home-based model, so some solutions and designs allow employees to work and connect on the spot. The sudden and massive shift in operations also poses a challenge to IT network architecture and support.

Here, homework is a no-brainer. Organizations that want to maximize the benefits of this approach must invest in the right technology that allows their employees to communicate safely and effectively.

While preparing for a hybrid working world, corporate executives need to consider certain issues.

An optimization methodology for SD-WANs and WANs

SD WANs enable the monitoring of packet loss, jitter, and latency on the various transport links, enabling optimization. Through SD-WAN architectures, flexible open platforms are deployed, which provide WAN optimization on links as well as application acceleration, security, and visibility to effectively manage WAN performance.

SD-WAN can minimize or even eliminate WAN optimization techniques. When used together, WAN optimization and SD-WAN solve fundamentally different problems.

A high-availability SD-WAN from TrialCard ensures call center uptime and enhanced customer service.

For TrialCard Incorporated, which provides patient affordability, medication access, and compliance. Patient support and clinical trial services to pharmaceutical manufacturers, access to medication. These support features are one of the most important aspects of patient recovery and ongoing health. With TrialCard, patients can access the care and medication they need. At a significantly reduced price, and in some cases, no cost.

Nevertheless, the company’s telecommunications providers abandoned connections, which caused long periods of downtime. It took time to switch manually from one high-bandwidth circuit to the other. Even with two high-bandwidth circuits from different providers.

In one of TrialCard’s call centers, losing just two packets causes the connection to expire. That means the agents can be off for up to 15 minutes. This happens more than once a day.

The company’s largest call center has tested the agility of the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform.

In the United States, EdgeConnect has been deployed in high-availability (HA) configurations across all TrialCard call centers, business offices, and data centers. Also, at external third-party processors in Europe. They use a variety of internal applications running in the corporate data centers. So, the call centers can manage customer calls and process orders through stable, high-quality connections. For network connections, they use their VoIP calling system. There are SD-WAN considerations over both VPLS circuits and, in some cases, also over a third cable broadband link.

Our carrier interruptions coincided with the arrival of EdgeConnect devices at the site. Testing another provider would have adversely affected customers.

Utilize the Aruba EdgeConnect Micro-branch for easier and more reliable work at home

EdgeConnect Micro branch builds on Aruba’s experience in work-from-home solutions. Such as remote access points (RAPs), which enable small as well as temporary locations to work from home.

The EdgeConnect Micro branch lets you extend WAN to home offices, small offices, and even temporary locations

EdgeConnect Micro branch extends SD-WAN services and SASE framework to the edge. Services using Aruba Central in the cloud for management as well as any Aruba Wi-Fi hotspot – no gateway, agent, or remote site required.

Embedded within Aruba ESP, the EdgeConnect Micro branch extends existing cloud-enabled Wi-Fi features. Such as zero-touch security and role-based access control. These include policy-based intelligent management, dynamic tunneling, and itinerary orchestration, WAN problem solving, and WAN integration.

IT teams will be able to control and monitor their remote network more effectively with these new capabilities. They need not add any extra costs to equipment or staff time. Remote employees can now enjoy the same level of service and access to resources as those on campus. Along with the protection against security threats without interfering with their productivity.

Points of network access (remotely)

Employees can connect Aruba access points to any existing Internet connection, and they are ready to go.

Aruba ClearPass:

It simplifies authentication by using the device and user context. Instead of passwords, ClearPass uses certificates based on the device and the user’s location to identify the user.

Aruba Center

This allows Aruba Central IT administrators to view and monitor Aruba access points for a better help desk experience.

Aruba’s home network can be expanded in this way. Are you looking for an Aruba Certified Engineer? They are certified to deploy Aruba wireless Access Points and configure Aruba Instant Access Point (IAP) Clustering technology. Register today and start hiring today.

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