The 5 best pure wave solar inverters – comparison and buying guide

Pure solar wave solar inverters are those that transform the direct current that comes out of the batteries into high-quality 230V alternating current, even better than what is received at home through the electrical network.

Quality of the current

Pure wave inverters are, in general, more expensive than modified wave inverters, but they will treat all the equipment connected to them much better and this will result in their having a longer useful life Solar Panels Sales.

Devices that are not delicate

I have reviewed several models and I will tell you my impressions of each of them.

You will know that I always start my tops with an irresistible model. In this case, it is this investor. Transforms electricity from 12 V DC to 230 V AC with the best performance. Its result is the result of the manufacturer’s insistence on improving the model with each new version. 

improving the model

Equipped with high security

it is equipped with high security and protection measures so that overheating problems cannot occur. Its cooling system allows you to use it with the air conditioning or the microwave without worrying about anything.

It is 600W and very well balanced to perform with a wide variety of equipment

Perform with a wide variety of equipment

It is a reliable team that performs very well even in continuous use.

Favorite models

Economical, with good features and, most importantly, great performance for when you go out in your motorhome or your camper. This inverter is one of my favorite models. In the photo, you will surely think that the finish and the structure are robust. I can assure you that when you hold it in your hands, it gives exactly the same feeling. It is a positive point in its favor.

It works with sinusoidal waves and that, for me, is always a guarantee. Because the difference is noticeable.

It is the best option, in that sense, to connect your stereo, LED lighting, or laptop. Everything receives the energy in a fluid, stable way and with the guarantee that there will be no scares. The best thing is that this effect is not temporary, but, using the long-term inverter, the level never drops.

A detail that you will love and that is easy to benefit from in a real context (because there are some inverters whose functions are far from reality), is the presence of its USB port

This greatly simplifies the charging of smaller devices, such as smartphones. .

As a special mention, its ventilation and cooling system have especially convinced me. It is clear that the brand wanted an inverter that was very quiet, and the result is excellent. Especially considering the price, there are many good reasons to trust it.

disappointed either

The remote control is the most convenient type, with a battery display and other useful indicators. It is small so you can use it easily.

Galvanic isolation

Several specialized systems help to make the use really safe, like an IPM manager and AVR regulation.

Outwardly you will only see one fan, but internally it has two fans that work very efficiently. If the equipment reaches 45º, they activate and lower the temperature.

For more moderate use, not so demanding, that provides you with enough energy in the case of small appliances, a solar inverter like this one will come in handy. It is 500 W and can reach maximum peaks of 1000 W, being compatible with the 12 V standard.

provides you with enough energy

I consider it essential to go out with the van because even with its limited capacity, it is ideal in the case of providing battery to the mobile phone, the tablet, the camera, the child’s console or even a laptop. . Wiring and use are simple, so taking advantage of it are not much of a mystery. 

This Reiner brand inverter is consistent and robust. The casing is made of metal and, although it does not have a specific certification, it is designed so that shocks are not a problem. The fan has a high power level and takes care that there are no heat problems.

It has protection against overload, possible temperature rise, or short circuits. Its operation is solid within its possibilities, using pure sine waves that provide performance, low interference rate, and a reduction in electromagnetic pollution.

As there is always a need to have them, the inverter incorporates two spare fuses that will end up coming in handy.

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