Tips To Find The Best Restaurant For Family Dinners In Noida

When was the last time you went together for a fancy family dinner outing? We often reminisce about the good old days when we would hang out with our extended families and eat our favourite food with our cousins. But as we get busy with study/work routines, planning a family get-together is a task. It feels good to be able to meet everyone, relish some delicious cuisine and make wonderful memories with lip-smacking food. If you and your family happen to live in and around Delhi, you can check out some of the Greater Noida best restaurants to plan a wholesome family dining experience. Before you begin the planning, we give you some tips and factors to consider for a restaurant for family dinners or family get-together functions in Noida. 

Tips To Choose The Best Restaurant For Family Dinners

Convenient Location

If you are planning a family dinner with a large number of people, you need to consider a location that is convenient for everyone. Choose a restaurant that is easily accessible. Get a rough estimate of how much time everyone will take to reach so accordingly you can reserve the time for your table. If the restaurant is too far, you might not get enough time to catch up with everyone. So it is important to consider where everyone living in your family lives and if you choose a far-off location, they won’t have too much of an inconvenience. 

A family get-together would also mean kids and young ones would also be there. So select a place that has a kid’s area where the little ones can play while the elders catch up, without worrying. It is best to select a restaurant within luxury hotel premises so you know your kids are in safe surroundings. One such location for Greater Noida’s best restaurants is the Jaypee Greens Golf Spa & Resort. 

Accessibility And Parking

Other than the accessibility of the location, also check for convenient amenities for a family dining restaurant. If you are booking a roof-top hotel with a view, check if the establishment has a lift for elderly members of your family. Or does the place have wheelchair accessibility? Another important factor is parking space. The city traffic is enough of a hassle one has to tackle on a daily basis, so let there be no parking woes. Check with the hotel how many cars can be comfortably parked in the area. If there’s a valet system, it is even more convenient. 

Peaceful Ambience

The next tip to remember is to choose a peaceful ambience with some privacy. A restaurant that exhibits a family-friendly atmosphere will also make everyone comfortable. Lighting, subtle décor, and soft music are some of the things that ensure a nice atmosphere within the restaurant. You can check this out by visiting the website or social media pages of the restaurants you choose. The restaurants at Jaypee Hotels are perfect when it comes to family-friendly dining. Paatra and La Breeza are popular in Greater Noida best restaurant lists. 

The Menu

The whole plan of having a get-together within a good quality restaurant is the food at the restaurant. If you are going for dinner with as big of a group as your family, you should consider everyone’s dining preferences. It is best to first select the kind of cuisine everyone is comfortable with so you can narrow down your search accordingly. Or you can also look for multi-cuisine restaurants so everyone can order what they please. If it is a celebration, you can also look for drinking options.

Certain restaurants have wine and food pairings, so you can check that out as well. Find out the specialities of a restaurant and check with your family members, if they are okay to try them out. Paatra, one of the Greater Noida best restaurants at Jaypee Hotels, specializes in North Indian food. You must try out dishes like Raan-E-Ruhan, Special Malai Koftas and Paneer Pyaz ki Subzi in combination with cheese-stuffed naans. You will also have a spread of desserts and sweets.

Service Of The Staff

If there is one thing that can truly enhance your family dining experience, other than the food quality, it is the service provided by the staff. It is always better to choose a 5-star restaurant because they guarantee a prompt service. What makes the inhouse hotels within Jaypee Hotels among Greater Noida best restaurants is the hospitality provided by their staff. Very accommodating of the guests’ needs and promptness to deliver quality food, the service by the staff ensures every member of the family, young and old, feels comfortable throughout their time. 


Whether it is a treat by one family or a contribution from each member, get an estimate of the bill you may end up getting. When you are studying the menu, check out the prices of the dish and the quantities you may need them in. It should feel overburdening on some members as it could make them feel uncomfortable during the dining experience. 


One definite way of confirming the food and service quality within a restaurant is checking its reviews online. Thanks to social media awareness, everyone tends to first check the reviews of those who have visited the restaurant previously. Some people even leave recommendations of what to order from a particular restaurant. You can check out appetizing pictures of the dishes as well. Look for detailed reviews which talk about the amenities of the location, other than just the food. You will find reviews of Greater Noida best restaurants online so you can make an informed decision. 

Jaypee Hotels – One Of Greater Noida’s Best Restaurants

While there are several options for family dining places in Noida, if you want to tick off on all the factors we have mentioned above, you should visit the 5-star restaurants within Jaypee Greens Golf Spa & Resort. Paatra for its North Indian specialities, La Breeza for Italian, Matrix bar and lounge for a young crowd, or Café Resto for quick coffees and snacks, you will find a variety of restaurants, all serving the best quality food. If you are visiting with a large family group or just a reunion with your cousins, you have something that matches the preferences of every age-group. These are some of the Greater Noida best restaurants for a memorable dining experience. Visit the Jaypee Greens website to check out the specialties and make your table reservations. 

We hope this guide helps you to plan the much-awaited family dining restaurant with your loved ones. 

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