Tips To Improve The Lighting Of Your Garden Without Cables

The garden is a very important space in the house, as it serves as a recreation area and allows us to connect with nature without having to leave home. Lighting it correctly is very important because that way we can enjoy it even when the sun goes down. 

However, the lighting wiring can be annoying and unsightly; To avoid this, we bring you some tips with which you will have wireless lighting in the garden.

Tips for lighting your garden

It is advisable to avoid cables in outdoor and garden lighting, as they are not only unattractive but can also bring us inconveniences when the rains and humidity arrive. For this reason, wireless lighting is becoming more and more popular, especially those that have LED technology.

Solar LED lighting

Devices and lamps that are powered by sunlight are an ideal option to illuminate your garden since they will be charged during the day with the energy of the sun and at night they will provide light and warmth to your space.

In addition, they offer other advantages: for example, with them, you will save a considerable amount of energy and reduce your ecological footprint. Also, they are very easy to install. You can find them in different forms and varieties, among which are:

solar wall sconces

You can place them on the exterior walls of the garden and they will work as a complementary light. These wall lights have small panels at the top, which allow them to absorb the sun’s energy during the day.

solar garlands

It is a modern and very attractive alternative on an aesthetic level. These garlands will allow you to illuminate and decorate your garden without the need to install complex wiring. You can place them both on the wall and on the trees; In this way, you will give a romantic and bohemian touch to the garden.

solar street lights

This innovative technology allows you to illuminate spaces efficiently and has a long useful life. It takes about six to four hours to charge, so it will have absorbed enough solar energy by nightfall.

ground mountable

Downlights are a classic that never goes out of style. With them, you will give an elegant and sophisticated touch to the area Visit Website.

How to get nice lighting

Where should we place the lights?

The location of the lights is a primary issue if we want to create a pleasant atmosphere. First of all, we must establish what are the elements that we want to highlight in our garden; it can be the terrace where we have a small table, a nice tree or some special plant.

Once we have this established, we can decide what type of light to use. 

In addition to illuminating the most striking areas, you should also try to place lights on the paths and paths (especially if you have a pool), because in this way people can see the road better and thus avoid accidents.

The advantage of using wireless lighting is that you will not have to install any wiring and you will not spend money on complicated modifications. On an aesthetic level, cordless lights will also help you harmonize with the environment.

What features should they have?

Garden lights must be resistant to moisture and temperature changes that often occur in clear areas

However, remember to avoid excesses: if you put many colors in a single environment, the garden will lose harmony and will not serve as a space to relax. 

Get a pleasant atmosphere in your garden

In addition to lighting for gardens, other aspects that you must take into account to create a pleasant space are the following:

Power natural elements

What makes gardens special areas is their greenery and color; therefore, do not obstruct natural elements (either with walls or other objects). Rather, enhance them with good lighting and eye-catching decoration. Also, remember to perform frequent maintenance on your plants.

Choose a decorative style

To encourage harmony in your garden, we recommend selecting a particular decoration style. This will allow you to choose a color palette and furniture that share similarities and match the environment.

There are many decorative styles for exteriors, among which the Mediterranean, rustic, Nordic, minimalist, bohemian, etc. stand out.

Introduce a variety of plants

The greener your garden, the better. You can even place some flowers or vegetables to give other shade to your terrace.

However, remember that before acquiring new plants you should check what their needs are. You should also check if they adapt to the temperature and the type of terrain you have in your home.

Another option is to first check what are the native species of your region; This way you will avoid a bad time with some of the plants.

Wood never goes out of style

If you want to place a base to put a table or a small living room, we recommend using wood as the main element. In this way, the greenery of your garden will combine with the brown tones of this material.

The garden is a very important area of ​​the house since it serves to distract us and to spend a different time in the company of our loved ones. Therefore, it is important that we illuminate it properly. With these tips, you will have a cozy garden without the need for complicated installations and wiring.

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