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Top 10 Furniture Manufacturing Companies in India

Furniture Manufacturing – Recently, I went to a friend’s house warming party. Everybody seemed to be awe-struck with the ambience and décor. Guests started to talk about the choice of furniture. And, somebody put out the word that it was me who suggested the furniture.

As the party grew merrier I was thronged by people asking me for advice on home décor. However, my mood was somber on account of some work related issues. I was not catching up to the level of infectious energy of the party. It was making me feel bad.

To match the mood of the party, I gulped down two quick whiskey drinks. Soon my energy was melting into the rhythm of the gathering. Unperceivable though it was but I suddenly found myself enjoying the party.

It would not be incorrect to state I had become the mood of the party. Conversations were flowing aided by the buoyant feel of wine and alcohol. Appetizing fragrance of deliciously cooked dishes was wafting across the hall.

Creating Ambience with Furniture and Décor

After a while, I was sitting at the center of the surrounded by friends and other guests. Impressed as they were of the ambience of my friend’s home, they now wanted to know the top 10 furniture manufacturing companies in India are.

Relaxed as I was, I narrated them a story encapsulating the distinctive features of furniture made by the leading Indian furniture companies.

They liked what I told them and asked questions on creating a particular ambience.  I replied that it is possible to create any type of ambience as long as you have got the complete feel in your mind.

Suddenly, someone remarked to the group how knew so much since I had no background in furniture or interior designing. Sipping on his drink, one of my friends added,” He has been working at one of the leading oxygen generation plant manufacturers in India for past 6 years.

He has varied interests and loves to learn various things.”  Nice mellifluous music was playing in the background with some guests grooving to the music.  I was flowing with the conversation.

So I told them it was easy. Before joining the cryogenic oxygen plant making company I had been working for a leading furniture making company in India for 15 years. It gave me the opportunity to work in different aspects of furniture making from designing, marketing, procurement, service and so on.  

The party was coming to an end and guests had started leaving. Many of them said they would contact me for advice while saying good bye.

Best Furniture Manufacturing Companies –

Godrej Interio Furniture

It is a leading furniture maker in India having started their operations way back in 1929. They make and supply beautiful and durable home and office furniture. Over the years, the company has grown into over 400+ cities with 52 subsidiaries and 800+ dealers.


Durian is a popular brand in manufacturing and supplying high quality furniture. Their product portfolio includes beds, tables, stools, side tables, chairs, sofas, etc. Customers patronize Durian products because of their variety, quality and service.


Damro manufactures office, lifestyle and home furniture. Their furniture has distinctive features such as strength, reliability and durability. They supply furniture for living-room, dining, bedroom, conference halls, offices and schools. The company offers their products at competitive prices.

IKEA Furniture

Ikea is an internationally acclaimed company that manufactures and supplies pre-assembled furniture. Since its entry into the Indian market, it has quickly become the top choice of Indian customers. The company has many designs and themes for decorating or renovating homes and offices.

Zuari Furniture

Zuari furniture is a reputed manufacturer of premium range of furniture. Their popular products include beds, cots, sofas, closets, dining sets, etc. They offer products at unbeatable prices with amazing customer service. Their retail stores present in all major cities of India.


Evok is one of the top furniture makers in India having retail stores in all the major cities of India. They manufacture and supply their products at incredible prices. They offer their products through online as well as offline stores.

Urban Ladder Furniture

Urban Ladder is a popular furniture brand that has captured significant share of the furniture market in India. They make and supply products like storage units, recliners, sofas, coffee table, TV units, shoe racks, bookshelves, study tables, etc.

Wipro Furniture

Wipro Furniture is a trusted Indian brand that offers all types of furniture with outstanding designs. Over the years, the company has established its reputation on the strength of its quality, delivery and responsive service. They offer furniture that meets the requirements of homes and offices.

Nilkamal Furniture

Nilkamal Furniture is a top Indian furniture brand that manufactures and offers moulded furniture. The company has established presence across all the main cities of India. The brand has over 50 retail stores and over 3000+ dealers in the country. It is one of the best-known companies offering furniture for offices, educational institutes, homes, etc.

Geeken Furniture

Geeken Furniture has been manufacturing and supplying premium quality products for over 30 years. It is respected brand popular with customers for their innovation and commitment. It offers high quality products including office desks, workstations, conference tables, storage units and laptop tables. The furniture comes in various colors, sizes and can be customized to the requirements of customers.

Steelcase Steelcase is one of the foremost companies making furniture especially for offices. The brand is famous for making premium quality products for offices and homes. The company has got impressive portfolio products like sofas, chairs, closets, beds, study tables, dining tables, etc.

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