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Microsoft Teams continues to be a powerhouse for helping organizations collaborate in remote and hybrid work environments with SharePoint development. It’s consistently our most-viewed content category, and 2021 was no different. Be it new features, integrations, or apps, there was a plethora of Microsoft Teams content to dive into this year.

Top 5 Microsoft Teams Integrations With Outlook by Adrian Valencia


Having an effective collaboration tool is crucial for any organization, and especially in today’s age of remote work. There are a lot of tools and products available today but only a few can provide a top-tier collaboration experience. Microsoft Teams and Outlook are among those tools that have been incredibly helpful for companies of all sizes.

Teams is best for chatting, file sharing, video meeting and more while Outlook is an efficient tool for sending emails, cascading announcements, scheduling meetings and so on. These two products are individually key to helping teams communicate effectively, but they can become more powerful when used together. In this post, we’ll see how they can be integrated to maximize their effectiveness. Some of these features are relatively new while others have been user favorites for a while; let’s get started!

Top 5 Whiteboard Apps for Microsoft Teams Meetings


Whether your organization is sticking to work from home or starting to go back to the office and shift to a hybrid work setup, being able to have interactive and fun virtual meetings is critical. With an office setup, we have whiteboards in our meeting rooms so everyone can collaborate and share ideas. This keeps everyone connected and present. With the shift to remote work, it can be harder to keep your team focused and connected when there are no visuals on-screen.

Microsoft recently announced a new Teams meeting feature called share-to-stage where you don’t just share your screen but also provides a real-time collaboration space for your participants to interact. It’s like having a unified virtual whiteboard on which everyone can brainstorm and take notes. With this, online meetings can have a space for collaboration where people can share ideas, thoughts, and present visuals regardless of where they’re joining from with SharePoint development.

How Microsoft Teams Connect (a.k.a. Shared Channels) Will Allow Collaboration Without Borders


One of the biggest announcements Microsoft has had this year related to Microsoft Teams is the upcoming Microsoft Teams Connect, a.k.a. Shared Channels. Scheduled on the roadmap to be released during November 2021, this new capability will make it possible to work with people in and outside of your organization in a shared channel with SharePoint development. The most exciting part is that externals do not have to switch tenants or be added with a guest account!

If you have customers, partners, or vendors you collaborate with primarily via a single channel in a guest Team and use chat & files, this is something to seriously look into as it’ll considerably streamline collaboration.

Microsoft Teams Webinars: How to Set Up and Run a Successful Event


Microsoft Teams has recently gotten many improvements, especially towards meeting functionalities. One of the most recent improvements is its capabilities around webinars. By default, the webinar/event support is there for everyone who has a Microsoft 365 E3/E5, A3/A5, or G3/G5 subscription (this includes interactive Teams meetings of up to 1000 attendees). Microsoft Business Standard and Premium users also have these features, but their meetings are limited to 300 attendees.

Want to start taking advantage of this feature that comes included with your subscription? Read on for a walkthrough to help you get started

7 Exciting Microsoft Teams Features Coming in 2021 by Spenser Bullock


The start of the year is one of the most exciting times for technology. As we roll into 2021, everything from cyber trucks to Microsoft Teams have plans for meaningful updates throughout the year. The surge we saw in Microsoft Teams adoption across the world in 2020 means Microsoft will have to continue working faster than ever to bring more exciting features to the platform with SharePoint development. Here are a few of my personal favorite upcoming Microsoft Teams features and why I think they are a great addition!

I think the takeaway is that there’s not one way that that works. Sometimes that trickle of information of best practices can remind you about the things that you used to know. And just to constantly revise so that we don’t get into a rut or we’re relying too much on email or external communications.

I’m a huge fan of the Friday brown-bag lunch where somebody presents on a topic they’ve gone through and their experience; here’s how they’re leveraging the technology. To make that part of the culture where we’re sharing our best practices, we’re always learning. Even if two people show up, it becomes part of the knowledge base for the organization.

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