Top 5 Reasons to Choose China for MBBS

Choose China for MBBS

Study MBBS in China

China is becoming a No.1 option for International students who want to pursue their MBBS degrees at a brisk pace. If you are wondering how Indian students choose for MBBS in China, here is a piece of information for you – every Chinese medical university that admits foreign students has prepared its course materials in English. Here in this article you read some top 5 reasons to choose China for MBBS for study.

But this is not the only reason. Obviously, learning English is one of the most significant reasons why international students, especially Indians, are more intended to choose China as their foremost, but there are more of them. In is article, we will inform you the reasons to choose study MBBS in China!

An Overview of MBBS in China

Degree: MBBS

Intakes for MBBS in China: September

Time Period for MBBS in China: 5-6 years

Eligibility Criteria: 70% in PCB and must be NEET Qualified

Medium of Education: English

Fees for Study MBBS in China: INR 2.4- 5.6 lakh per year

Cost of Livelihood in China: INR 1.4- 1.7 lakh per month

Why to Choose Study MBBS in China

Here are some top reasons to choose China for MBBS are mentioned below:

1. Living Expenditure

Apart from the fact that studying medicine in this nation is about 70% cheaper than studying MBBS in any private medical school in India, the total cost of living for an international student is surprisingly affordable. Everything from renting a dormitory or apartment to the cost of food is equal to all the big cities of India and sometimes even cheaper depending on where you live in China. Obviously, cities like Beijing or Shanghai will be more luxurious, but MBBS colleges are mostly situated where things are accessible for intercontinental students.

2. Huge Options to Choose

There are hundreds of MBBS colleges and universities in China that provide thousands of students, both overseas and local, so there are many opportunity to choose from. This comprises some of the best MBBS Universities in the world, such as University of Peking and University of Fudan. Approximately all Chinese medical colleges are schedule in the Intercontinental Medical Education Directory (IMED).

3. Reasonable Medical Schooling

Affordable medical education at all of China’s best medical universities, which provides approximately the same quality of education as Indian medical colleges, is another important reason for the selection of Indian students for MBBS in China. The struggle is so violent that only a few numbers of apprentices from graduate schools enter the MBBS course. Because being a doctor is the most valued and appreciated profession in India and the earnings potential is also vast. So, students and their guardians want only one thing – to enter medical college.

But, as declare above, register in a private MBBS college will also charge you an arm and a leg! You won’t find any straight private MBBS college that offers you an MBBS course with a total cost of less than Rs. 5,343- most colleges will cost you about a billion for a 6-year MBBS course. Here, medical courses is pictured in China with its quality medical information. In this country, a 6-year medical degree course can be completed, which is equivalent to MBBS in India, for a total of up to 20 lakh (without the cost of living in China of course).

4. Innovative Education Methodology

Medical science is constantly evolving. All countries spend heavily in medical investigation and teaching. China is no different. China is one of the few countries that invest a considerable contribution of its yearly Gross Development Product in health and MBBS. Every year, billions of dollars are funded by the Chinese government and Chinese corporations. And to keep pace with this rapid progress, Chinese medical universities are also changing and developing new systems of medical education. MBBS students at Chinese universities are regularly introduced to the latest inventions in the field of medicine, the latest research and advanced medical equipment, and medical devices.

5. Learn Customary MBBS

In addition to teaching contemporary MBBS, Chinese medical schools also teach apprentice about customary MBBS and methods of antique medicine, such as acupuncture. This is not habitually the case in other countries and is a great chance to develop your perceptive.

These was the reason why MBBS in China for Indian student is the best choice ever.

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