Top Reasons To Use Dye Sublimation For T-Shirt Printing

How many Dye Sublimation t-shirts have you bought over the years? If you’re like most people, you’ve got at least a few in your closet that are either faded or damaged from overuse and laundering.

While clothing manufacturers try to make the best products they can, sometimes even the best t-shirt won’t hold up to years of regular wear and tear. 

That is why we believe dye sublimation printing is the best option for t-shirt printing. It allows you to print on t-shirts without having to worry about discoloration and fading from washes and wear and tear.

Reason #1: No Heat

With dye sublimation Vancouver, you don’t have to worry about your design burning up at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike traditional t-shirt printing, dye-sub uses special heat transfer paper that carries ink from a separate printer.

It’s slower than screen printing and not as versatile, but it gives you better images that won’t damage over time.  

Reason #2: No Screens

Screen printing is one of the most popular ways to print shirts because it’s fast and affordable. Unfortunately, when you use screens, you can end up with some unsightly ghosting around your design. Small white outlines where there should be a solid color. 

This is because screens used in high-volume production settings often fail after just a few washes.  The result? A shirt that doesn’t look nearly as good as it did on day one. 

Luckily, doesn’t suffer from these same issues; since its ink is transferred directly to your shirt instead of printed on top of it, you don’t need screens at all! And since no new screens need to be made every time you want to change colors or create a new design, dye sub costs less overall.

Reason #3: Shirts Last Longer

Aesthetically, dye sublimation printing gives you sharper lines and brighter colors. Those better print qualities mean that when you get your custom t-shirts from us, they will have a longer lifespan. And look their best throughout it. 

That’s because we only use high-quality inks that are resistant to fading and cracking. This means you won’t be turning around to find your screen-printed t-shirts bleeding onto each other after one or two washes. 

With this printing, your shirts will stay vibrant long past their first wear.

Reason #4: No Peeling or Cracking

One of the most annoying problems with some types of print jobs is that they start peeling and cracking from their fabric base. With dye sublimation, you get a sharp, clear image of a high-quality fabric.

The colors don’t peel or crack, making your product look great without fail.  Customers are more likely to buy products that are printed well because it shows how much effort you put into them. 

Even if customers aren’t purchasing online, they can still see how nice your products look when worn in public. This makes dye sublimation an excellent choice for businesses that want their products to make a lasting impression.

Reason #5: Design Freedom

Unlike t-shirt printing methods like screen printing, dye sublimation allows businesses to create any kind of design they want. There’s no limit on artwork or color, and you won’t find a better option if you need a custom design.  

In fact, many people choose dye sublimation because it offers more flexibility than other options. It’s also possible to use images that are too detailed for other processes. For example, it’s easy to incorporate photographs into your designs using dye sublimation technology. The only limits are your imagination! 

Reason #6: Choice of Colors

With dye sublimation, you have a much more comprehensive range of colors and tints than with screen printing. This gives you more choice and flexibility when designing your shirt. Screen printing can only print in one color at a time. 

If you want to add another color, it will cost extra. In contrast, dye sublimation allows many different colors on one print run. The only limitation is that all of these colors must be able to be printed on top of each other without mixing or clashing. But if you know what you’re doing, there are no limits! 

There is also far less fading and cracking over time, which makes it better for longer-lasting prints. This is the best reason why dye sublimation is preferred for t shirt printing Calgary.

Reason #7: Fast Turnaround

This is another benefit offered by dye sublimation printers. Other methods can take several days to complete, but there is almost no wait time with dye sublimation. 

Even though some businesses offer rush services with similar turnaround times, nothing beats instant production with dye sublimation!

This means you can get new items printed quickly so customers can enjoy them in a timely manner. You choose this method for printing!

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