What cleaning techniques do professional cleaning companies use?

To properly clean a house, a professional premises, or an industrial plant, industrial cleaning companies like SCS Group Integrated Services an industrial cleaning company located in Melbourne use specific techniques and tools . Thanks to its expertise and know-how, the cleaning company in Toulouse or elsewhere, can offer several types of services to customers, according to their needs. For this, it relies on different techniques, the most famous of which are cleaning by ultrasound, by cryogenics, with a scrubber, bio -cleaning, sandblasting and hydro gumming . Explanations.

Cryogenic cleaning

Dry ice blasting is a technique quite similar to sandblasting , but the medium used is dry ice or CO2. This process is of exceptional quality, as it leaves no residue. Its principle is quite simple, they emit dry ice on the surfaces to strip it. The result is spotless and precise. 


Sandblasting is an industrial cleaning method used in large surfaces . This technique comprises using an abrasive diffused at high speed via an air comprised using a nozzle. If we compose the abrasive in question of beads, it is a question of shot blasting, not sandblasting. This professional cleaning technique is also used to clean a house after a fire, by throwing sand to drive away the soot. 

Scrubber cleaning

Some professionals also use a scrubber to clean surfaces. A scrubber drier is a machine operating with nylon brushes, or abrasive discs, associated with a detergent product. The operation of this tool follows three distinct stages:

  • Washing with detergent and water;
  • Deep cleaning of the surface;
  • Drying as well as vacuuming. 
  • Ultrasonic cleaning

An innovative and effective technique, ultrasonic cleaning is perfect for descaling dirt, especially those that stain small objects. The vibrations projected by the machine diffuse into a cleaning bath and create bubbles. These will cause the molecules of matter to jump. We reserve this cleaning technique for small objects, unless the cleaning company in Adelaide, for example, has a large bath.  

Hydro gumming

Hydro gumming is an effective and gentle cleaning method, reserved for walls and facades. Unlike airbrushing, it uses 20% water, besides the abrasive powder. With simple hydro-rubbing, it is quite possible to give a second life to a house blackened by graffiti and stained with pollution. 


The technique of bio-cleaning comprises eliminating microorganisms on the surfaces to be cleaned. To do this, it relies on the action of a disinfectant and a detergent. Therefore, thanks to bio-cleaning, infections, and contaminations by nosocomial diseases are avoided. We intend this method of professional cleaning for the hospital environment to sanitize the premises. 

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a technique that has great benefits, is very ecological, and is not excessively expensive. This is done with specific machinery applying water vapor on the dirt, both in open-and-closed spaces. This is when the steam works its magic and, due to its high temperature, it cleans and disinfects in depth with no chemical products.

Using this cleaning technique you can clean windows, blinds, hard floors, walls, doors, and so forth Of course, we clarify that specialized personnel should only put into practice this cleaning technique, so do not play it.


Ozone cleaning 

Ozone cleaning has become very popular in recent times, because of its great effectiveness in eliminating fungi, microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses such as Covid-19.

We carried this cleaning technique out using an ozone generator, which collects oxygen from the environment and transforms it into ozone through electrical discharges. Through this process, the air (and water) is free of microorganisms in a time that ranges between 20-60 minutes depending on the space to be purified.

In addition, it reaches any corner; it does not need chemical products, and it eliminates bad odors.

In conclusion, it is a method that works very well in environments where the flow of people is continuous and ventilation is not adequate.

Pressurized water

Another of the most famous cleaning techniques is cleaning with pressurized water, which is very effective for removing and descaling traces of grease, mold, paint, oils, and others on many types of surfaces: walls, doors, facades, floors. , and so forth

How it is performed? The first thing you need is a special machine, which expels up to 20 liters of water with a force that reaches 2,500 bars. Thanks to this pressure and the use of disinfectant liquids, dirt is removed and we disinfect spaces with more than remarkable and clear results.

What professional cleaning techniques are the most suitable for you?

After everything you have seen, you may wonder what is the most effective cleaning technique for your business, and the answer is… it depends.

To give a few examples, in a mechanical workshop the most sensible thing would be to use pressurized water since in this way, we would remove the grease and traces of paint on the floor and walls without major problems.

For factories in the food sector, it would be appropriate to combine the steam cleaning technique with ozone, to ensure that the environment remains clean and free of harmful organisms.

To finish, in industrial warehouses that have offices inside, the ideal would be, again, to apply a combination of steam with ozone, since we are talking about a closed space, not very well ventilated and with a large influx of people.

The best cleaning technique is practiced by SCS Group Cleaning Solution

Our article has come to an end.

We hope you have found it enjoyable, but above all, useful to learn everything you need to know about the main professional cleaning techniques.

Before we leave, remember that at SCS Group Cleaning Solution we have all the cleaning products and accessories you need for your company or business, so ‌contact us if you need help with anything.

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