What to Do to Hire a PHP Developer in India?

The open-source PHP programming language, which was created in 1994 specifically for web development, is still in great demand. Nowadays, desktop applications, server-side scripting, and command-line scripting are its primary uses.

We will outline PHP’s advantages as a programming language in this essay. We will also present you with some helpful advice on locating and hire PHP developer in India, as well as a global overview of PHP developer wages.

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PHP-Related Facts and Figures

  • It is the primary language used by Facebook, Magento, and the WordPress online platforms.
  • According to StackOverflow, it is one of the top 10 technologies that developers wish to work with.
  • One out of every ten jobs advertised calls for knowledge in PHP, which places PHP among the top 8 most in-demand programming languages.
  • According to GitHub’s PYPL (Popularity of Programming Languages) ranking, PHP is among the ten most used programming languages.

What does PHP do?

JavaScript and PHP are often used for backend programming, so these two languages are frequently contrasted. If you need to recruit developers who deal with this technology, you should search for a backend developer or a full-stack engineer. PHP is solely used in website development to create the back end.

PHP is mainly used to create responsive and interactive websites. One of the first server-side technologies that could be integrated into HTML was this programming language, which made it simpler to add functionality to websites without having to access other files for data.

As PHP runs on all popular operating systems, including Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, RISC OS, and others, software developers also utilize it to create desktop and online apps. Both PHP and Python are object-oriented, interpreted scripting languages that work with a range of operating systems, which makes them comparable to each other. Laravel is often the framework of choice for creating unique web applications for PHP developers.

CakePHP is a popular PHP framework that is the building block for developers to utilize when building online applications.

While it is less often, PHP frameworks may also be used to construct mobile applications for iOS or Android.

Moreover, PHP CRM, a web-based self-hosted CRM software system, is another excellent software option.

PHP’s Advantages as a Programming Language

78.7% of all websites in the world now run on PHP. So why did more than 3 million businesses choose this language? There are the responses:

  • It is freely available. This implies that any PHP developer may rapidly and easily modify PHP libraries using standard PHP development tools.
  • It’s simple to learn. Over 1,000 developers in the USA participated in a poll that was done by WP Engine platform reps. According to the developers polled, the survey’s findings revealed that PHP was the fourth most straightforward programming language to learn.
  • It is focused on objects. The language now supports object-oriented programming (OOP), making PHP considerably more effective than version 5.0.
  • It is independent of platforms. All gadgets and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, support the language. PHP functions well for web development across a variety of development stacks, including the widely-liked LAMP stack.
  • Starting with PHP 5.4, a built-in web server is available. You may use this server to test PHP apps locally while they are still in development. Because of this, you are no longer need to set up a fully functional web server like Apache or Nginx.

What Distinguishes a Top-Notch PHP Programmer: Overview of Skills

Skilled PHP programmer has a wide variety of technical abilities and expertise that allows them to create web applications that are reliable, scalable, and high-performing. These abilities include mastery of the PHP language’s syntax and fundamental operations, competency with databases, and the ability to build dynamic web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. An effective PHP developer should also be familiar with software development processes like Agile or Scrum and have expertise working with well-known PHP frameworks like Laravel or Symfony.

Solving problems is a further vital skill for a PHP coder. They should be able to understand technological issues, find viable solutions, and quickly and successfully execute them. They must also have a keen eye for detail and be able to produce well-structured, readable code.

The most talented PHP developers will also like tackling challenging technological problems, have a natural curiosity, and have a solid drive to learn new things and advance their knowledge continually.

Suggestions for Recruiting PHP Developers

While interviewing and selecting a PHP developer for your development project, you should take into account the same considerations regardless of the recruiting location, whether you hire a front-end, backend, or full-stack engineer, whether it’s a young or senior engineer.

To better assess the applicants, ensure that your interviewing procedure is uniform. Make a list of the most crucial inquiries on the subject you wish to discuss, and then prepare potential responses.

These are some examples of technical inquiries you may make:

  • Which function returns the number of entries a query has affected?
  • What does the term $_FILES mean?
  • How are the ereg replace() and eregi replace() functions differently from one another?
  • Can the PHP script’s execution time be increased?
  • How can the maximum file size that may be uploaded be changed?
  • How can I use the GET technique to get data delivered via the URL?
  • How do I use a PHP script to connect to a MySQL database?
  • How can I give a PHP script an endless execution time?
  • What kind of processing is necessary when submitting the values via a form or a URL?
  • What is the most typical syntax for beginning and ending a PHP code block?

The candidate’s soft skills, such as how they behave in stressful circumstances, analytical thinking, inventiveness, etc., must also be evaluated in addition to their technical skill sets.

Inquire about their prior experience working remotely and how they overcame any difficulties in locating PHP programmers who would be good candidates for remote employment.

It’s crucial to evaluate a candidate’s soft abilities. They consist of general conduct, resilience to stress, analytical reasoning, inventiveness, etc.

Beginners often select PHP to begin their careers in software development due to its relative ease. As a result, if you want to choose the best PHP developers for your project, you must exercise considerable caution. It’s important to differentiate between PHP hobbyists and those who are actual industry experts who are enthusiastic about what they do. And getting assistance with recruiting is the most excellent method to employ the appropriate individuals.


You can never be sure that you are hiring the best PHP programmers if you do so. You must have the information to make this decision before you can. We hope that this post has provided some clarity on PHP developers’ average wages throughout the world and methods of employing them.

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