What to Expect from Automobile Industry in India Trends 2022-23

Automobile Industry - Trends

The automotive industry in India is one of the biggest employers in the country. The sales of automobiles in India overtook even the UK and France market having a growth percentage of 8.8. There is a massive sale of vehicles in India, especially the premium segment which holds luxury cars being the synonyms of an upgraded lifestyle. With such huge sales, the automotive industries are using specialized software such as automobile ERP software, logistics software, and others to attract new customers to their brands and also to retain their old ones. There are many domestic brands such as Kia Motors, MG Motors, which are giving high competition to their multinational company counterparts.


Automotive Industry Trends in India 2023

There is a lot of mess around the use of Technology in the automotive industry in India. Designing, operating, and servicing is being managed by technology like automobile ERP software, logistics software, and many more. This helps to reduce cost at every stage and also eliminates any scope for wastage. Automotive industry in India is taking more determined steps towards robust designs and Engineering activities.

Shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The Indian government has set a target of achieving 30% electric vehicle penetration by 2030, which means the automobile industry in India will be moving towards EVs in the coming years. With the launch of affordable EV models and the implementation of favorable policies, we can expect to see more electric vehicles on Indian roads.

Connected Cars

Another popular automotive trend in 2023 is smart driving. With the help of Technology, it is being enabled to have a connection between the car and passengers, driver, and car. The Smartphone is used to connect the car with the driver to provide better access. Software are being used here such as automobile ERP software, logistics software, and many more to give uninterrupted service. Technologies will help to make it possible for a car communicating with other vehicles on the road. This helps provide an idea to adjust speed and distance accordingly.


Artificial Intelligence

India’s auto industry buzzword will transform processes greatly in 2023. Engineers in an automobile develops control systems that are voice-based. There are several developments which or happening in the field of shared vehicles, which can be used to easily recognize the presence of passengers to make their journey more comfortable. They are utilizing the current software like automobile ERP software, logistics software, and many more to enhance the capability of image recognition and processing. This not only helps to make the journey comfortable but also give more security, especially in self-driven cars.

Growth of Shared Mobility

Shared mobility, such as ride-hailing and car-sharing services, has been growing in popularity in India in recent years. Expect more consumers to prefer shared mobility options over personal vehicles in the coming years.

Focus on Safety Features

With the implementation of stricter safety norms, we can expect to see a focus on safety features in vehicles. This may include features like airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and electronic stability control (ESC).

There are more exciting trends in the automotive industry in the year 2023. The release of the world’s first 3D printed car is likely to hit the Chinese roads in 2023. By using the automobile ERP software and logistics software, we can reduce the lead times and also ensure faster delivery.

Automobile ERP and logistics software enable accurate forecasting for just-in-time manufacturing, reducing waste in the process.

CAD system offered by top-rated automobile Software Solutions helps to integrate and minimize rework. ERP software for automobiles supports car manufacturers, attracting Indian buyers upgrading or purchasing new cars.


We can hear by concluding that there are many numbers of advances in the automobile industry in India in the year 2023. Artificial intelligence applied in the development of this industry. It plays a vital role to bring a drastic change in the indian automobile industry. The Indian automobile industry is expected to continue to grow rapideily and evolve in the coming years. New systems introduced with technology. There would be still more advances by application of these technologies and especially artificial intelligence, as it can give the machine a thinking capacity.

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